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Seattle’s New Restaurant Openings

The new restaurant openings you should know about.

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187 Spots
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If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant in Seattle, you might go a little bit crazy. So just read this list instead. These are the new restaurant openings that seem like they have the most potential - although keep in mind, for the ones we haven’t tried, we make no promises. Go forth and be a pioneer.

We’ll be regularly updating this post. Once we’ve checked out a spot, we’ll add a note if it makes it onto our Hit List.


Eight Row

$$$$ 7102 Woodlawn Ave NE

Eight Row is a farm-to-table restaurant in Green Lake with sleek black booths, a flower on every table, and white curtains. Their menu uses a bunch of local produce in dishes like sweet corn cavatelli and venison sausage with stone fruit.

Belathee Photography

Champagne Diner

$$$$ 945 Elliott Ave W

This upscale diner is from the same team behind Damn The Weather, one of our favorite places for drinks and a light bite in Pioneer Square. Their new spot, located inside the old Citizen Six space in Interbay, has a menu with things like pork belly BLTs, Ovaltine pie, seafood rolls, and, as the name suggests, some sparkling wine.

Secret Savory

$$$$ 2213 NW Market St

Secret Savory is a new neighborhood Thai spot in Ballard that serves dishes like khao soi, homemade sausage, curry with peanuts, and fried soft shell crab.

Son Of A Butcher

$$$$ 2236 Eastlake Ave E

Dad’s Diner in Eastlake was open for less than a year before closing. Now in its place is Son Of A Butcher, a new Korean BBQ spot that serves various cuts of beef, pork, and chicken to grill tableside.

This new South Lake Union wine bar will change the wines they serve every month to match the seasons - right now, they have a bunch of different wines in cans you can order. Located in a new building on Fairview Avenue N, this place looks like the inside of townhome your friend who works at Amazon just bought - there’s plenty of marble, suspended light fixtures, and plants.


$$$$ 11 Mercer St

Paju is a Korean spot in Queen Anne, open for both lunch and dinner, where you’ll find things like spicy sweet chili wings, truffled bulgogi, squid ink fried rice, and beef tartare with nori.



$$$$ 4706 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116 United States

Haymaker is a West Seattle spot that’s run by the same team behind some of our favorite Italian restaurants in the city (Vendemmia, Raccolto, Le Messe, GH Pasta Co.). It’s the first place they’ve opened that isn’t totally focused on pasta. Sure, it’s on the menu, but so are things like steak frites, a burger, and grilled pork collar.

JULY 2019

Local Vegan

$$$$ 2234 1st Ave

Local Vegan is now the second restaurant in Seattle that does a multi-course vegan tasting menu - the first being Harvest Beat. A seven-course meal here costs $68 a person, and you’ll see everything from mushroom mousse to almond cheese.

Casco Antiguo

$$$$ 2102 7th Ave

Casco Antiguo is one of our favorite Mexican spots in the city. Their second location in South Lake Union near the Amazon Spheres serves the same fish tacos, black bean empanadas, and pork enchiladas we love so much from the original.

Buerjia Chinese Sauerkraut Fish

$$$$ 13200 Aurora Ave N

Buerjia is a popular spot in Redmond that now has a Seattle location in Haller Lake. They specialize in soup with sauerkraut and fish for two or more people, served family-style.

Galaxy Rune

$$$$ 3601 Fremont Ave N

Galaxy Rune may sound like an NES game, but it’s actually a casual vegan burger and hot dog counter-service spot in Fremont. Instead of using Field Roast or Impossible products, they make their own meat substitutes.


Bar FoodBar  in  Belltown
$$$$ 2232 1st Ave

Roquette is a French-themed cocktail spot on 1st that serves upscale drinks made with things like chartreuse and menthe pastille. Some would say that Belltown has enough bars, but this one seems like a great, low-key spot for a date as opposed to all of the rowdy Happy Hour places nearby.

Dough Zone

$$$$ 815 Pine Street

Dough Zone’s dumpling empire has grown again, this time taking over the Sansei space Downtown. You’ll find the same soup dumplings, potstickers, and noodles as their other locations, but expect a ridiculously long wait during primetime lunch and dinner hours.

JUNE 2019

Nick's On Madison

$$$$ 3131 E Madison St.

Nick’s On Madison is a semi-upscale neighborhood restaurant in Madison Valley. They have a big open dining room and the menu includes dishes like burgers, seared halibut, French dip sandwiches, and pastas.

Matsu Sushi

$$$$ 501 Stadium Pl S

Matsu, a new sushi spot in Pioneer Square from the same team behind Momiji, replaces the closed Korean spot Girin. The sleek space has remained exactly the same (water fountain and all), only the menu is made up of nigiri and rolls instead of kalbi steaks.

Pacific Room Alki

$$$$ 2808 Alki Ave SW

Pacific Room Alki does live music on the beach, cocktails, and upscale American food. Their menu is heavy on seafood, which seems appropriate since the dining room looks out over the Puget Sound.

Pink Salt

$$$$ 3321 W McGraw St.

This new upscale Peruvian restaurant takes its name literally - they have a lot of Himalayan pink salt decor. They serve things like a deconstructed lomo saltado and smoked cod, all of which seem kind of pricey.

Vinnie’s Raw Bar

$$$$ 2505 2nd Ave, Suite 102

Vinnie’s is a natural wine bar in Belltown from the team that runs No Anchor. Get a glass of wine and order one of their seafood towers or a “seacuterie” plate with octopus terrine.

We checked out Vinnie’s Raw Bar and added it to our Hit List and Bar Hit List.

Chengdu Memory

$$$$ 520 S Jackson St

Add Chengdu Memory to the long list of places to eat hot pot in the International District. They serve a bunch of different options of broth, including one with a tomato base and one with a mushroom base, and you can even add bear-shaped beef tallow to your soup for extra flavor. If you’re craving spicy soup late, they are open until 2am Friday and Saturday.


$$$$ 1119 1st Ave

Replacing The Sovereign in Pioneer Square is a new basement bar called Underbelly. They specialize in natural wine and serve snacks like a hot dog topped with raclette.

We checked out Underbelly and added it to our Bar Hit List.


$$$$ 300 Occidental Ave S

Pacifica is a new small plates and cocktail restaurant run by the team behind Copal. The Pioneer Square spot serves a bunch of slushy cocktails and Brazilian food - all in a palm tree-filled space.

Life On Mars

$$$$ 722 E Pike St

Life On Mars is a new spot on Capitol Hill that answers the question, “what would a bar look like filled with 5,800 records?” They also serve plant-based bar food and intricate cocktails involving things like cashew orgeat and green tea vodka.

We checked out Life On Mars and added it to our Bar Hit List.

Addo: 206

$$$$ 1417 Elliott Ave W

Batch 206 Distillery is a bar in Interbay that has a kitchen on the side, which was formerly operated by Windy City Pie, and then Oaky’s Tex Mex (before they both relocated). Now, the kitchen belongs to Addo. You might know the name from various pop-ups around town, but this Puerto Rican counter is now their permanent location. Along with items like a Dick’s-style cheeseburger they’re calling the “Richard,” you’ll be able to order an entire tasting menu for parties of four or six.

We checked out Addo:206 and added it to our Hit List.

MAY 2019

Il Nido

$$$$ 2717 61st Ave SW

You know Il Corvo. It’s the lunch-only pasta spot that you wish were open for dinner. The good news is that Il Nido is run by the same team - and is indeed open for dinner. Il Nido is located inside the Alki Homestead, which used to be a Southern restaurant before a 2009 fire closed it down, and now is essentially a tricked-out cabin filled with carbs and parmesan cheese.

David Ham


$$$$ 1060 N 39th St

Right next door to Kamonegi in Fremont, one of our favorite places for soba, is their new sake bar, Hannyatou. Aside from sake glasses, bottles, and flights, you can order bar snacks like oysters, pickles, and bigger things like grilled rice balls and Japanese egg salad sandwiches.

We checked out Hannyatou and added it to our Bar Hit List.

Chuan On Capitol

$$$$ 906 E Pike St

In case you missed the giant window-sized dumpling decals while strolling down Pike Street, a new Sichuan restaurant specializing in dry pot has opened on the hill. Dry pot is similar to hot pot, only without the boiling kettle of broth. The menu is highly customizable, with a bunch of different meat, seafood, and vegetable options.



$$$$ 110 Stewart St

Conversation is an upscale spot that replaced Scout as the Thompson Seattle hotel restaurant. Unlike most hotel restaurants, this one serves dishes like stuffed quail with barbecue sauce, and cotton candy melted by vanilla bean milk poured table-side.

S/T Hooligans

$$$$ 4354 Leary Way NW

We miss The Leary Traveler, but now there’s a new pub in its place on that stretch of Leary Way in between Fremont and Ballard. The semi-upscale bar snacks at S/T Hooligans range from chipotle garlic fries to Guam-style chicken tacos.

Sazon Kitchen

$$$$ 7301 15th Ave NW

Sazon Kitchen is a Mexican restaurant in Ballard that’s only open for breakfast and brunch. It also happens to be across the street from Un Bien, so there’ll be some stiff lunch competition.

Delish Ethiopian Cuisine

$$$$ 5701 Rainier Ave S

Hillman City has a new casual Ethiopian restaurant right near Slow Boat Tavern, one of our favorite beer bars in town, so we’re getting One-Two-Punch (dinner-then-drinks) ideas already. They serve dishes like tibs (beef sauteed with onions), stewed lentils, and collard greens on top of injera bread.

Zylberschtein's Deli

$$$$ 11752 15th Ave NE

This new counter-service Jewish deli in Pinehurst serves corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, bagels, and more.

APRIL 2019


$$$$ 6408 32nd Ave NW

Baker’s is a new bar in Sunset Hill that serves upscale drinks and small plates like beef tartare and manila clams.

We checked out Baker’s and added it to our Bar Hit List.

Sizzle & Crunch

$$$$ 500 9th Ave N Ste 150

The banh mi takeout spot from the U District now has another location in South Lake Union. Expect the same sandwiches and tasty rice bowls.

Fitchi House

$$$$ 405 NE 45th St

A fitchi is a popular meat pastry from Turkmenistan. You can try one at Fitchi House, as well as other Eastern foods, plus a few different types of pasta.

Spice Waala

$$$$ 340 15th Ave E

Spice Waala has expanded from being a small pop-up to a full counter-service spot on Capitol Hill. They specialize in roti wraps filled with things like chicken tikka masala or paneer.

Little Big Burger

$$$$ 1200 E Pike St

Little Big Burger, a Portland burger spot currently in Wallingford, has opened a second location on Capitol Hill. Expect the same burgers and exceptionally good truffle fries.

Bistro Shirlee

$$$$ 3600 NE 45th St

The Bateau people have taken over Saint Helens Cafe and rebranded it as Bistro Shirlee. They serve French dishes like Parisian gnocchi and steak au poivre as well as a burger using Bateau’s meat.

Sweet Alchemy Ice Cream

$$$$ 1555 NW Market St

One of our favorite ice cream spots in town opened a second scoop shop in Ballard, sharing space with the Mighty-O Donuts on NW Market Street.

Skål Beer Hall

$$$$ 5429 Ballard Ave NW

Skal Beer Hall is a new Nordic-inspired bar in Ballard that serves beer, cider, mead, and grilled skewers like beef and goose.

El Xolo

$$$$ 209 Broadway E

Nacho Borracho, a bar on Capitol Hill, has a new takeout window in the back. El Xolo has four different types of tacos and some appetizers to have with an avocado margarita from the bar.

Windy City Pie

Pizza  in  Ballard
$$$$ 5918 Phinney Ave N

Windy City Pie (one of our favorite pizza spots in town) used to operate out of Batch 206 Distillery, but now they have a permanent location right near the Woodland Park Zoo. Looking at baby giraffes and then eating excellent Chicago-style pizza sounds like a great idea.

We checked out Windy City Pie and added it to our Hit List.

Bangrak Market

Thai  in  Belltown
$$$$ 2319 2nd Ave

Bangrak Market is a Thai restaurant that’s designed to look like a night market in Thailand, and you can expect things like noodle stir fries, kao mun gai, and curries.

We checked out Bangrak Market and added it to our Hit List.

Cafe Vizcaya

$$$$ 2532 Beacon Ave S

Cafe Vizcaya is a new Cuban diner on Beacon Hill that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

MARCH 2019


PizzaPastaItalian  in  Wallingford
$$$$ 3400 Stone Way N

From the same team behind Barrio, Pablo Y Pablo, Lot No. 3, and more is Fiasco, an Italian restaurant in Wallingford. Expect things like salumi, pizza, pasta, and grinders in a kind of upscale space.


$$$$ 1510 E Olive Way

Replacing the Tortas Condesa window on Olive Way is Yalla, a Middle Eastern spot that serves mezze and wraps on saj flatbread. They’re open until 1:00am every night, so it’s another option for soaking up all of that Capitol Hill alcohol.

Bar Hitchcock

$$$$ 123 Winslow Way E.

Bar Hitchcock is an all-day cafe on Bainbridge Island that serves sandwiches and salads, plus a dinner menu with lots of upscale bar snacks.

Imperial Lounge

$$$$ 2400 1st Ave

Belltown has a lot of cocktail bars. Here’s another one. You’ll also find snacks here like housemade onion rings and paella.

We checked out Imperial Lounge and added it to our Hit List.

Ben Paris

Ben Paris

$$$$ 1501 Second Avenue

With the grand opening of the State Hotel Downtown also comes the opening of Ben Paris, the hotel’s restaurant and bar. Expect breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all with a recurring theme of upscale comfort food.

We checked out Ben Paris and added it to our Hit List.

Supreme Pizza

$$$$ 4529 University Way NE

Supreme is an already-existing New York-style pizza bar in West Seattle with alcoholic slushies, great pies, and even better garlic knots. Now, there’s a second Supreme in the University District, which replaced the original Pagliacci Pizza location.

You probably know this brand from their purple ube cheesecake at random markets and restaurants around the city. Now you can go straight to the source.

Arriba Cantina

$$$$ 2316 NE 65th St Suite 101

There aren’t too many Mexican restaurants in Ravenna, but now there’s Arriba. Expect things like tacos, tamales, and meats from a rotisserie.

Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken

$$$$ 554 Broadway

Bonchon is a Korean-based wing chain that opened its first Seattle location in First Hill. Expect wings, dumplings, rice cakes, sliders, and salads.

Watson's Counter

$$$$ 6201 15th Ave NW

Watson’s Counter is an all day cafe in Ballard that serves coffee as well as Korean-inspired dishes like gochujang-marinated pork eggs benedict and ssam wraps. Also important: they have fruity pebble-crusted French toast.

We checked out Watson’s Counter and added it to our Hit List.

The Mountaineering Club

The Mountaineering Club

$$$$ 4507 Brooklyn Avenue N.E.

On the roof of the Graduate Hotel in the University District is a bar called The Mountaineering Club. Expect the theme to not be very subtle, with campfire whiskey cocktails, tableside s’mores, and wagyu hot dogs.

We checked out The Mountaineering Club and added it to our Bar Hit List.

Lassi & Spice

$$$$ 429 Fairview Ave N

Lassi & Spice is an Indian coffee shop in South Lake Union. In addition to coffee, they also have a menu full of lassi options and snacks like mini samosas and vada pav (potato patty sliders).



$$$$ 84 Yesler Way

Bisato used to be a big-deal Italian restaurant, but closed in 2012. It has reopened in a new space in Pioneer Square, and serves Italian small plates and a tasting menu.

We checked out Bisato and added it to our Hit List.

Izumi Ramen

$$$$ 207 2nd Ave S

At Izumi, you make your own ramen bowl by choosing from a few simple broths and then adding things like BBQ pork, fishcakes, and other usual ramen toppers.


$$$$ 1734 12th Ave

A Mexican restaurant on Capitol Hill formerly known as Chavez that we used to love has now been taken over by an upscale American place called Violet. The interior looks exactly the same, but the menu doesn’t have a taco in sight. Instead, you’ll find things like seared foie gras, burrata, and lamb chops.

Currant Bistro

Currant Bistro

$$$$ 2120 4th Ave

At the bottom of the Sound Hotel in Belltown is an all-day cafe and bar called Currant Bistro. Expect espresso and pastries in the morning, tartines and salads at lunch, and flatbreads for the rest of the day and night.

Taneda Sushi In Kaiseki

$$$$ 219 Broadway E Ste 214

Taneda is a new upscale omakase spot inside of a very old building that’s been around since the early 1900s. You know it - the one on Broadway with random restaurants and beauty parlors. It’s interesting to think that you could spend hundreds of dollars in this elegant place that shares a roof with Tacos Chukis and Broadway Nails, but we’re excited to try it.

We checked out Taneda Sushi In Kaiseki and added it to our Hit List.


$$$$ 6414 32nd Ave NW

Yes, The Ring was shot in Seattle, but this place has nothing to do with that creepy little girl from the well. Samara is a new spot in Ballard that serves fancy food from a fancy grill, and prides itself on its biodynamic wine (whatever that means).

We checked out Samara and added it to our Hit List.

Jack's BBQ

$$$$ 228 9th Ave

Jack’s BBQ now has a location in South Lake Union that serves the same Texas-style brisket and ribs as their SoDo flagship.

Lady Yum Pioneer Square

$$$$ 116 S. Washington St

One of the best macaron bakeries in the city expanded to a big space in Pioneer Square that’s conducive to drinking $4 champagne and eating fruity pebble or raspberry chardonnay cookie sandwiches.



$$$$ 808 Howell St

Located at the bottom of the Hyatt Regency in the Denny Triangle, Andare is a new Italian restaurant. Expect a sleek space, homemade pasta like cavatelli, and crispy pizzas.

Cafe Limoncello

$$$$ 150 W Harrison St

Cafe Limoncello is a new coffee shop in Queen Anne that also serves pastries. It seems like an ideal place to grab a quick breakfast or stay in and hold a business meeting over espresso.

Little Duck

$$$$ 4100 Roosevelt Way NE

The U District gains another Chinese restaurant with Little Duck. This spot has Northeastern cuisine like twice cooked pork and chicken and mushroom stew.

We checked out Little Duck and added it to our Hit List.

Shogo Ota

Lucky Santo

$$$$ 3127 NW 85th St.

Lucky Santo is a new counter service spot in Ballard that serves allergen-free food - so the entire menu does its best to avoid gluten, dairy, grains, legumes, refined sugar, soy, and canola oil. We don’t know what’s left after that, but we’re going to try it.

Urban Gyro

$$$$ 230 Fairview Ave N

This is a new casual Mediterranean spot in South Lake Union that serves halal-friendly wraps, kebab plates, salads.

BC Zhang Crepe House

$$$$ 4730 University Way NE Suite #103

BCZhang is a Chinese restaurant in the U District that specializes in crepes.

Bang Bang Kitchen

$$$$ 4219 S Othello St

Bang Bang Kitchen is an offshoot of Belltown’s Bang Bang Cafe. The Kitchen is a sit-down restaurant in Rainier Valley that serves Mexican food.

Pho Huy

$$$$ 1420 E Madison St

Pho Huy is a new pho spot underneath the Broadcast apartment buildings on Capitol Hill.


Pioneer Square D&E

Pioneer Square D&E (which stands for drinks and eats) has replaced Radici. We’re certainly most interested in the $10 fried chicken sandwich that comes with steak fries and a can of Rainier, but there are also other options, like pasta and crudo.

Dacha Diner

$$$$ 1416 E Olive Way

From the team behind The Independent Pizzeria (one of our favorite pizza places in town) comes an Eastern European restaurant open for breakfast and lunch daily. Expect things like Georgian bread pizzas, Russian pelmeni dumplings, brisket, borscht, and more.

We checked out Dacha Diner and added it to our Hit List.

Fire & Vine


$$$$ 2003 Western Ave Unit C

This is a new farm-to-table restaurant that overlooks Pike Place and seems like the kind of restaurant where you wouldn’t feel like a fool if you dress up. Dinner here will be expensive, and will involve items like pastrami-spiced short ribs and honeynut squash ravioli.

85C Bakery Cafe

$$$$ 501 S Jackson St.

85 C Bakery Cafe comes from Taiwan, and specializes in cakes, bread, and coffee infused with sea salted cream.

Future Primitive Brewing

$$$$ 9642 14th Ave SW

This new brewery in White Center focuses on seven different types of beer that range from pale ale to barleywine. There’s no food onsite for now, but outside snacks are allowed.

Moon Tree is a stylish restaurant in Queen Anne that serves sushi and izakaya-style Japanese food.

Mr. Saigon

$$$$ 215 Pike St

One of the best banh mi shops in the city now has a location downtown.

Lucinda Grain Bar

$$$$ 2120 NE 65th St

From the same team behind Junebaby (one of our favorite new restaurants from 2017) comes Lucinda Grain Bar. It’s a semi-casual restaurant that specializes in a wide spectrum of ancient grains for dinner, from buckwheat bucatini with pork ragu to einkorn ice cream with sorghum porridge.



$$$$ 200 S Jackson St

Meg’s is an old school-style burger joint in Pioneer Square that serves burgers, fries, fishwiches, and hot dogs.


$$$$ 5607 Rainier Ave S

There are a couple restaurants in Seattle where you have to pay for your meal in advance online like an Odesza concert. Archipelago is an upscale Filipino spot in Hillman City that has joined that club. For a price tag of $126, you can reserve a 10-12-course tasting menu featuring local ingredients.

Bites Of Bangkok

$$$$ 340 15th Ave E #201

There are many Thai restaurants in Cap Hill. Here’s another one. Bites Of Bangkok is a bright spot that serves classics like fresh rolls, satay, fried rice, stir-fry, and curries.


Ada's Restaurant

$$$$ 5910 Phinney Ave N

Ada’s specializes in Italian, Greek, and Turkish food all at once - expect things like pasta, baklava, shakshuka, and large plates of roasted chicken and seared fish.


$$$$ 514 12th Ave

Adding to the lineup of Central District spots is a sushi bar called Migoto. They have a ton of specialty rolls, donburi bowls, udon, and teriyaki.

Sunset Fried Chicken

$$$$ 1518 11th Ave

Sunset Fried Chicken was a takeout window that served mediocre chicken sandwiches but delicious fries. They’re no longer inside Rachel’s Ginger Beer and are now being served at Queer/Bar.


Nana’s Green Tea

$$$$ 1007 Stewart St #103

This Japanese dessert chain has opened its first continental U.S. location in the Denny Triangle. Expect baked things like cookies and muffins infused with matcha, as well as massive loaded sundaes and matcha floats made with soft serve.

Seaplane Kitchen & Bar

Seaplane Kitchen & Bar

$$$$ 6704 NE 181st St

Seaplane is an aviation-themed restaurant, which is fitting considering it’s right near Kenmore Air. It’s from the same team behind Stoneburner, so you can expect great wood-fired pizzas. They also have a lineup of pasta, salads, small plates, and soft serve ice cream.

Bounty Kitchen

$$$$ 801 Lenora St

This is the second location of Bounty Kitchen, an all-day cafe with salads, grain bowls, toasts, and sandwiches. The original location is in Queen Anne, and this one’s in the Denny Triangle and will probably be a useful spot for everyone who works in the area.

By Tae

$$$$ 1424 11th Ave

By Tae is a new permanent location of a sushi spot at Chophouse Row in Capitol Hill that used to be a pop-up. It’s a counter that specializes in hand rolls and sake.

We checked out By Tae and added it to our Hit List.

Sushi I

$$$$ 2242 NW Market St

Sushi I is another sushi spot. They serve a bunch of bunch of different types of specialty rolls.


$$$$ 5633 Airport Way S

Bopbox is a casual Korean restaurant in Georgetown that serves lunch and dinner consisting of bowls and skillets.

Ma'Ono Capitol Hill

$$$$ 1610 12th Ave

The Sunset Fried Chicken takeout window at the Capitol Hill Rachel’s Ginger Beer has been replaced with Ma’Ono, making it their third official location. This is great news, because Sunset’s sandwiches weren’t really that good.

Seoul Zip

$$$$ 2219 2nd Ave. Suite B

Seoul Zip is a Korean espresso bar in Belltown that serves bulgogi inside of burritos, bowls, and sandwiches.



$$$$ 350 1st Ave W

There aren’t a ton of Italian places in Queen Anne, which means a pizza spot like Coltiva is just what the doctor ordered. Expect small pies, salads, appetizers, and a full bar.

Grand Central Bakery Wedgewood

$$$$ 7501 35th Ave NE

One of the best bakeries in Seattle now has a location in Wedgewood - they have the same breads, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and soups as the other Grand Central Bakeries.

Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu

$$$$ 1510 Belmont Ave

Menya Musashi is the first Seattle location of a Tokyo-based chain that specializes in tsukemen (dip ramen). It replaced Tentenyu Ramen in Capitol Hill.

Jakob Layman

The Hart And The Hunter

$$$$ 109 Pine St.

The Hart And The Hunter is a hotel restaurant at the Palihotel in Los Angeles. And the second location is now open in Seattle. Expect an all-day menu of upscale Southern food as well as homemade biscuits that our LA team is pretty crazy about.


Bad Bishop

$$$$ 704 1st Ave

Bad Bishop is a new Downtown cocktail bar that serves creative drinks alongside bar food like mac and cheese and homemade corn dogs.

Willmott's Ghost

$$$$ 2100 6th Ave

The newest restaurant from the Sea Creatures team is a swanky all-day Italian spot in The Amazon Spheres. They serve Roman-style square pizza and fried snacks like arancini.

G.H. Pasta Co.

$$$$ 2305 6th Ave

The same team behind Le Messe and Raccolto opened G.H. Pasta Co. in South Lake Union’s Denny Triangle. They serve pasta for lunch every day from 11am-4pm, so you can expect things like bolognese, pesto, amatriciana, and cacio e pepe. Also, they have garlic bread covered in parmesan cheese.

We checked out G.H. Pasta Co. and added it to our Hit List.

Tacos Chukis

$$$$ 2203 E Union

The best fast-casual taco spot in Seattle has now expanded to a space at the bottom of an apartment complex in the Central District.


$$$$ 816 E Pike St

Cinnaholic is a cinnamon bun franchise in Capitol Hill that was featured on Shark Tank. It’s like Cinnabon, only with more topping options and 100% vegan ingredients. It seems like the best part is that you don’t even have to step foot in a mall food court to get it.

Stone Korean

$$$$ 900 Dexter Ave N

To no one’s surprise, another restaurant has opened in South Lake Union. This one’s a big Korean spot that serves banchan, tofu soup, chicken wings, and bibimbap.

Corte Fino

Corte Fino

$$$$ 6721 Martin Luther King Jr Wa S

Corte Fino is a new Mexican spot in Beacon Hill where you can find tacos, enchiladas, and other Mexican staples. The whole operation is Halal, so there’s no pork on the menu.

Noren Restaurant & Lounge

$$$$ 320 E Pike St

We’re not sure what Noren is. Sure, there’s an extensive sushi menu, but they also have cheeseburgers, pasta, tacos, and po’boys. We’re curious to check this one out.


$$$$ 4021 E Madison St

Hanok, which is Korean for “traditional home, is a sit-down restaurant in Madison Park that serves bulgogi and bibimbap, but also some Japanese dishes like udon and katsu.

Shake Shack

$$$$ 2115 Westlake Ave

You probably already knew that Shake Shack (the fast-casual burger chain from NYC) is now open in South Lake Union. We hope you’re ready for cheeseburgers, crinkle fries, concretes, and a lot of waiting in line.

Alcove Dining Room

Alcove Dining Room

$$$$ 5628 University Way NE

Alcove Dining Room is a nice Brazilian restaurant where your reservation involves purchasing a ticket in advance. You can choose from a standard prix fixe menu, an a la carte tapas menu on Fridays, or a Sunday Feijoada dinner.

Little Big Burger

$$$$ 1329 N 45th St

Turns out, Salt & Straw isn’t the only Portland spot coming to its senses and heading north. Burger mini-chain Little Big Burger is now open in Wallingford. The menu is super small (it reads something like: cheeseburger, hamburger, veggie burger, truffle fries), but you can still decide whether or not to add bacon. You should probably add bacon.

Petoskey's Pizza

AmericanBar FoodPizza  in  Fremont
$$$$ 125 N 36th St

The old Chinapie space in Fremont closed, and the same team has now opened Petosky’s in the same space. There’s still pizza, but you can also expect bar food like wings, cheese curds, and a Juicy Lucy burger.


$$$$ 110 Summit Ave E

You used to just go to Hillcrest Market for Gatorade and toilet paper, but now you can get street tacos on homemade tortillas filled with al pastor, carne asada, or chorizo.

Ada's Discovery Cafe

Ada’s Discovery Cafe

$$$$ 800 E Thomas St

Robots making lattes sounds like it’s straight out of a Black Mirror episode, but it’s a very real thing being done at Ada’s Discovery Cafe, a 24-hour coffee shop that doubles as an AT&T-branded lounge.


i5 Pho

$$$$ 213 1st Ave S

I5 Pho is a Vietnamese spot in Tacoma that opened a second location in Seattle. They’re best known for their banh mi dip, which is a brisket, pate, and grilled onion sandwich that comes with a side bowl of pho broth for dipping.

Queen Anne Coffee Co

$$$$ 1811 Queen Anne Ave N

A modern espresso bar with baked goods, sandwiches, and a lot of white marble.


$$$$ 4311 University Way NE

A Chinese restaurant in the University District with things like potstickers, garlic pork belly, and noodles. Also important: every order comes with free soup.

Footprint Wine Tap

Footprint Wine Tap

$$$$ 1222 E Madison St. Suite c

At first glance, Footprint looks like a taphouse. And it technically is - but the taps all contain wine. It seems like the total antithesis of a pretentious wine bar.

We checked out Footprint Wine tap and added it to our Bar Hit List.

East Trading Co.

Replacing Sun Liquor’s Pike Street location, East Trading Co. is a cocktail spot that serves horoscope-themed drinks and bar snacks like kalbi short ribs and Taiwanese popcorn chicken. If you’re a Libra, good luck deciding between all of the options.

Dorothee Brand

Queen City

$$$$ 2201 First Ave.

Queen City has now reopened in the same location that used to be the iconic Queen City Grill, and is owned by the same people behind Oddfellows and Smith. Expect a neighborhood feel, cocktails, and classic American food like burgers and roasted chicken.

Belathee Photography


$$$$ 3013 Beacon Ave S

Homer is a semi-upscale Mediterranean spot. They not only have soft serve in-house, but a window where you can take said soft serve to-go.

We checked out Homer and added it to our Hit List.

Dingfelder’s delicatessen

$$$$ 1318 E. Pine

You can now get pastrami, corned beef, tuna, and egg salad sandwiches from a takeout window in Capitol Hill. Here’s hoping the pastrami is good enough to justify the $18 price tag.

Deep Dive

$$$$ 620 Lenora St

The new bar from the team behind The Walrus And The Carpenter looks like an underground grotto, if grottos served classy cocktails and hot dogs topped with salmon roe.

We checked out Deep Dive and added it to our Hit List and Bar Hit List.

Macrina Bakery & Cafe

$$$$ 746 19th Ave E

Macrina is one of the more popular bakeries in the city. (Many of our favorite sandwiches across the city use Macrina bread.) And they just opened a cafe in Capitol Hill on 19th Ave., replacing a Tully’s.




$$$$ 1610 2nd Avenue

If you like meat, it might be worth checking out this Argentine breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurant at the bottom of the Charter Hotel downtown. They specialize in steaks, fish, and other things cooked on an open-fire grill.

The Fog Room

Fog Room

$$$$ 1610 2nd Ave

Also in the Charter hotel is The Fog Room, a rooftop bar and lounge for cocktail-drinking and appetizer-eating. The entire space is indoors, so you can come here even if it’s raining buckets when summer ends.

Good Day Donuts

$$$$ 9823 15th Ave SW

This is a donut spot in a White Center strip mall that also serves coffee and ice cream. Donut-wise, you’ll find usual suspects like glazed cake, apple fritters, and cinnamon twists.


$$$$ 9641 15th Ave SW

Anju Bar is a Korean spot in White Center with a full bar and drinking food like kimchi poutine, kimchi mac and cheese balls, kimchi quesadillas, kimchi pancakes, and kimchi fried rice. You should probably check it out if you like kimchi.

Dao Tai House

$$$$ 1621 12th Ave #102

Replacing Octo Sushi is Dao Tai House, a full-service Chinese spot with stir fry, noodles, and rice dishes.

Cocina Oaxaca

$$$$ 7900 East Green Lake Dr N #107

La Cocina Oaxaquena (our favorite Mexican spot in Seattle) has opened a new restaurant with a very similar name and menu, with specialties like mole and shrimp ceviche. You can also expect new dishes like fajitas and wet burritos.

Union Seattle

$$$$ 1318 E Union St

This space in Capitol Hill used to be a restaurant, then it was an event venue, and now it’s a gay bar in Capitol Hill. They serve cocktails and bar food like sandwiches, burgers, salads, and appetizers.

Brooke Fitts


$$$$ 5309 22nd Ave NW Suite A

Replacing the space that was formerly Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen is Sawyer, a nice American restaurant. Expect interesting riffs on classic dishes - like bone marrow matzo ball soup in pho broth, oxtail nachos, and reuben tartines. Also important: they have classed-up homemade Choco Tacos and Dilly Bars.

We checked out Sawyer and added it to our Hit List.

JULY 2018


Princi SLU

$$$$ 2118 Westlake Ave

Princi is a bakery chain in Italy known for its pizza that already had a location inside the Starbucks Reserve, but has now opened a standalone location in South Lake Union.

Magnuson Cafe & Brewing serves beer from Mollusk Brewing, and there’s also a kitchen with typical bar food like fried cheese curds and burgers. They have a patio, which you can enjoy while the weather’s still nice.

Flatstick Pub

Flatstick Pub

$$$$ 609 Westlake Ave N

The third location of this mini-golf bar Flatstick Pub has opened in Amazon territory, and they’re serving pizzas and bar snacks from Ethan Stowell Restaurants. In other news, the cost of rent in South Lake Union continues to skyrocket.



$$$$ 1531 Melrose Ave

Replacing a wine bar inside Melrose Market is Marseille, a different wine bar inside Melrose Market. They have French small plates at night and brunch with mimosas on the weekends.

Central Smoke

$$$$ 1305 E Jefferson St

Seven Beef Steakhouse in the Central District has rebranded as Central Smoke - and now they’re doing barbecue instead of straightforward steaks. There’s a Friday smoked brisket special that we anticipate selling out early every day - since getting to a restaurant the second it opens is this town’s style.

Burke-Gilman Brewing

Burke-Gilman Brewing Company

$$$$ 3626 NE 45th St

We’ve all been there - wanting to barrel roll off your bike mid-trail ride to grab a beer. Now that Burke-Gilman Brewing is in the picture in Laurelhurst, this is something you can do now. There’s no kitchen, but you can bring food in.

Armistice Coffee Roasters

$$$$ 2201 Eastlake Ave E

Armistice Coffee Roaster in Eastlake looks like the lobby of a swanky executive-level condo building, only with baristas. There are sofas, a live plant wall, and seats made from tree trunks. Oh, and coffee.

Cheese Platters

$$$$ 2717 E Union St

This spot doesn’t leave a ton to the imagination - it is a place that makes cheese platters. It also is a cafe with tapas like feta dip, empanadas, and albondigas, as well as homemade pastries.


$$$$ 1001 Fairview Ave N #2250, Seattle, WA 98109

Birch is an upscale American restaurant overlooking Lake Union where you can choose between a $50 three-course menu or a $70 seven-course menu. The food and dining room seem kind of like what would happen if Canlis mellowed out a little bit.

Le Coin

$$$$ 4201 Fremont Ave N

Le Coin is a new French spot with a focus on seafood that has taken over the old Roux space in Fremont. The menu has things like poached salmon, steak frites, and a dish with four different types of legumes.

Oh’s Sandwiches

$$$$ 3217 California Ave SW

Whether or not this city needed another banh mi shop, Oh’s has opened in West Seattle. Expect sandwiches, bubble tea, and pastries.

Celest Cafe

$$$$ 1100 N 115th St

Celest is an allergen-free cafe with an entirely vegan and gluten-free menu containing things known as “high-vibrational foods.” In other words, you won’t find bacon cheeseburgers here.

Plenty Of Clouds

$$$$ 1550 15th Ave

Another restaurant finally took over the former Anchovies & Olives space in Capitol Hill, and it’s a Chinese spot called Plenty Of Clouds. Expect classic dishes both large and small like spicy cucumbers, dumplings, noodles, and fried rice.

We checked out Plenty Of Clouds and added it to our Hit List.

Machine House Central District

$$$$ 1315 E Jefferson St

The original Machine House Brewery is located in Georgetown, but they have a new tasting room in the Central District where they’re serving homemade beer ranging from IPAs to fresh oyster-infused stouts.

JUNE 2018

Southside Pizza

Southside Pizza

$$$$ 9809 16th Ave SW

A new pizzeria in White Center specializing in New York-style pies, salads, and homemade mozzarella sticks.


$$$$ 532 Queen Anne Ave N

Dandylion is a Spanish bar in Queen Anne serving tapas, wine, and cocktails.

We checked out Dandylion and added it to our Bar Hit List.

Raised Doughnuts

$$$$ 1101 23rd Ave

This former pop-up now has a brick and mortar location. It sells donuts in a variety of flavors, from plain glazed to ube coconut.

Kin Dee

$$$$ 2301 E Madison St

A new Madison Valley restaurant that’s open for lunch and dinner, and specializes in Thai street food.

We checked out Kin Dee and added it to our Hit List.

Katsu Burger

$$$$ 2034 NW 56th St

The fifth Katsu Burger in Seattle (this one’s in Ballard) has the usual panko-breaded burgers and nori fries, but it’s also the first location to be full-service. In addition to the burgers, you’ll find sushi (yes, some rolls are fried) and bento boxes. There’s even an omakase option that starts at $22 for eight pieces.

Seattle Freeze

$$$$ 6014 12th Ave S

A Georgetown spot from the team behind Central District Ice Cream Company, serving homemade donuts and soft serve you can customize with mix-ins.

MAY 2018

Siam Bistro

$$$$ 12534 Aurora Ave N

Siam Bistro is a new casual Thai restaurant in Haller Lake.

Yes Siam Thai Cafe And Bar

$$$$ 8014 15th Ave NE

Yes Siam is a Thai spot in Wedgewood that has noodles, curries, and rice dishes, as well as a full bar.

Crown Hill Broiler

$$$$ 8037 15th Ave NW

What used to be a pancake restaurant is now a burger spot. Ironic because of that thing with IHOP(B), we know.

Meaty Johnson’s BBQ

$$$$ 1201 Pine St

Meaty Johnson’s is a Capitol Hill spot with homemade barbecue plus sides like cornbread and mac and cheese. Even though they open at 11am every day, they’ve been selling out by 2pm sometimes, so try to check it out early.

We checked out Meaty Johnnson’s and added it to our Hit List.


$$$$ 2655 NW Market St

A Scandinavian cafe inside the Nordic Museum in Ballard. Expect things like Danish open-faced sandwiches, charcuterie boards, soups, and salads.

A new vegan spot in the U District. The menu includes avocado toast, dairy-free yogurt bowls, barbecued jackfruit sandwiches, meatless burgers, grain bowls, smoothies, and espresso.

Tribeca Kitchen & Bar

Tribeca Kitchen & Bar

$$$$ 809 Olive Way

Tribeca Kitchen & Bar is a new Italian restaurant at the bottom of the Olivian apartment building downtown. You’ll find homemade pasta, pizza, entrees like osso bucco, and appetizers like arancini.

Tapas Lab

$$$$ 7012 Woodlawn Ave NE

Tapas Lab is a Spanish restaurant replacing a coffee shop in Green Lake. Expect small plates like chorizo meatballs and bulgogi crostini.

We checked out Tapas Lab and added it to our Hit List.

A new fast-casual banh mi shop in a bright space complete with a record player.

South Town Pie

PizzaItalian  in  South Park
$$$$ 8611 14th Ave S

A South Park pizza spot with pies ranging from classic pepperoni to one with pastrami on an everything bagel-spiced crust.

We checked out South Town Pie and added it to our Hit List.

Brother Joe

$$$$ 5629 Airport Way S

Brother Joe is a new Georgetown coffee shop that serves homemade baked goods and a brunch menu with things like eggs benedict and biscuits and gravy.

Suzi Pratt

Super Bueno

Mexican  in  Fremont
$$$$ 3627 Stone Way N

Super Bueno is a Mexican restaurant from the team behind Tavolata, Anchovies And Olives (RIP), and Red Cow. You’ll find things like guacamole and nachos, tacos, and margaritas (frozen and on the rocks) - and there’s also a cafe doing espresso and grab-and-go meals like breakfast burritos and salads.

Check out the full review here

Deep Sea Sugar & Salt

$$$$ 6601 Carleton Ave S

This bakery used to be part of the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, but now they have their own brick and mortar cake shop. You can buy whole layer cakes there (in flavors like Earl Grey with mascarpone filling and dark chocolate salted caramel) as well as slices and cupcakes.

The Corner Spot

$$$$ 1556 NW 56th St

A new cocktail bar in Ballard with appetizers and snacks like deviled eggs, tacos, and Creole mac and cheese.

Suzi Pratt


PizzaPastaItalian  in  Downtown
$$$$ 621 Union St

A massive pasta and pizza spot downtown, also from the team behind Bar Cotto et al. Expect pies similar to Bar Cotto’s and pasta similar to Tavolata’s.

Miri's Snack Shack

$$$$ 8498 Seaview Pl NW

Miri’s used to be a roadside trailer in Ballard, but they’ve moved to become the concession stand at Golden Gardens (still in Ballard). You’ll find kebab sandwiches, acai bowls, slushies, and poffertjes (mini Dutch baby pancakes), among other snacks.

We checked out Miri’s Snack Shack and put it on our Hit List.

Stampede Cocktail Club

ChineseDim Sum  in  Fremont
$$$$ 119 N 36th St

A new bar in Fremont (replacing The Helm) that serves dumplings from Little Ting’s, and drinks ranging from a blueberry vodka cocktail to a gin Old Fashioned. Decorations include a taxidermy dinosaur head. No, not a real dinosaur.

We checked out Stampede Cocktail Club and put it on our Hit List.

APRIL 2018

The Six

$$$$ 1319 Dexter Ave N

The Six is actually a South Lake Union yoga studio, but there’s an adjoining cafe that sells juice, smoothies, acai bowls, and toasts.

Zephyr Bar

$$$$ 255 S. King St

Located in a SoDo hotel, Zephyr Bar is a cocktail spot with American small plates.

In Bocca Al Lupo

PizzaPastaItalian  in  Fremont
$$$$ 4303 Fremont AVE N

In Bocca Al Lupo recently took over the Fremont location of Via Tribunali, but you can expect very similar Neapolitan-style pizza.

We checked out In Bocca Al Lupo and put it on our Hit List.

Junkichi is a new Japanese restaurant in Capitol Hill. They specialize in izakaya food (specifically things made on a robata grill). And they have a little robot that can apparently recognize your face on repeat visits.

We checked out Junkichi and added it to our Hit List.

Ephriam Nagler

Little Neon Taco

$$$$ 1011 Boren Ave

Little Neon Taco is the new fast-casual offshoot of Neon Taco, a dark dive bar on Broadway in Capitol Hill. The menu here is made up of aguas frescas and horchata, appetizers like guacamole and queso, and a la carte street tacos on homemade tortillas.

Buddha Bruddah

$$$$ 2201 Rainier Ave S

What used to be a food truck is now a brick and mortar location in Mt. Baker serving traditional Hawaiian plate lunches as well as Thai staples like pad thai and curry.

We checked out Buddha Bruddah and added it to our Hit List.

Claret Wine Bar

$$$$ 3400 Stone Way N

A new Wine Bar in Wallingford from the team behind Barrio, Purple, Pablo Y Pablo, and Meet The Moon. Expect cheese and charcuterie, small plates like fancy fries and toasts, fish, coq au vin, and of course, a chopped salad.

MARCH 2018


$$$$ 411 Cedar St

Wa’z is a Japanese restaurant that serves kaiseki tasting menus, with two options - one for $100, and one for $60.

We checked out Wa’z and added it to our Hit List.

Nate Watters

Wood Shop BBQ Georgetown

$$$$ 5825 Airport Way S.

One of our favorite BBQ spots in the city, Wood Shop BBQ, has taken over the trailer in Georgetown where Hallava Falafel used to be. We’ll miss the hummus fries and pita sandwiches, but we’re pretty excited for more smoked brisket and hot links.

Stan Lee

General Porpoise now has a location in Pioneer Square - so there’s one more place in town to pick up some of their delicious donuts.

Nate Watters

Pasta Casalinga

PastaItalian  in  Downtown
$$$$ 93 Pike St Ste 201

Pasta Casalinga is a casual Tuesday-Friday spot in Pike Place Market serving handmade pasta. Their menu rotates based on what fresh ingredients they have from the “ocean,” “garden,” and “farm.” We’re pretty excited to have a new option for a reasonably priced bowl of carbs downtown at lunchtime.

We checked out Pasta Casalinga and put it on our Hit List.

Seattle Biscuit Company

AmericanBrunchSouthern  in  Fremont
$$$$ 4001 Leary Way NW

This food truck now has a permanent Fremont spot in a vintage space. The menu is full of homemade biscuit sandwiches, from breakfast-type creations with fried chicken to something more like a banh mi. Other Southern dishes here include shrimp and grits and tomato stew with okra - and yes, they come with a biscuit.

We checked out Seattle Biscuit Company and put it on our Hit List.

Nate Watters

Breezy Town Pizza

$$$$ 4864 Beacon Ave S

Another Chicago-style deep dish spot from the people behind Windy City Pie. This one is located inside a new bar called Clock-Out Lounge.

Esters Enoteca

PastaTapasItalian  in  Fremont
$$$$ 3416 Fremont Ave N.

A counter-service deli in Fremont serving Italian panini along with some salads, soups, and sides. Something tells us we’re going to be all over the harissa-spiced lamb sandwich with mint aioli.

Gold Bar

$$$$ 227 9th Ave N

A slick cocktail spot in South Lake Union with shiny pineapple tchotchkes, a disco ball, and all kinds of tropical-ish drinks from margaritas to pisco punch to a rotating alcoholic slushie. Latin-American bar food like empanadas, yucca fries, and tacos comes from Oro Kitchen next door.

We checked out Gold Bar and put it on our Hit List.

Oro Kitchen

$$$$ 227 9th Ave N

This sibling spot to Gold Bar provides nighttime snacks next door while acting as a fast-casual Latin American lunch spot by day.

RPM Pizza & Records

$$$$ 102 S Main St.

The original RPM didn’t serve great pizza, and closed pretty soon after it opened. But now there’s a new owner who’s changed the recipes and reopened in the same space.


Nate Watters

Nine Pies Pizzeria

PizzaItalian  in  SoDo
$$$$ 3861 1st Avenue South

An all-day New York-style pie and slice spot smack in the middle of the SoDo winery and brewery district.

We checked out Nine Pies and put it on our Hit List.

Tamari Bar

$$$$ 500 E. Pine Street

RIP, World Of Beer and 500 East: A Social Club. Tamari Bar takes over that space on the corner of Pine and Summit in Capitol Hill with Japanese izakaya food and sushi (the menu includes aburi pressed-style sushi, schezwan peppercorn poutine, and marinated wagyu beef you cook yourself).

We checked out Tamari Bar and put it on our Hit List.

Nate Watters

Rocket Taco

$$$$ 602 19th Ave E

A fast-casual taco spot in a dining room that used to be one of our favorite classy pasta restaurants (Contadino). Rocket Taco serves many varieties of fillings on fresh tortillas. They also have frozen margaritas.

Check out the full review here

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