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The SF Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In San Francisco

The best new restaurants in San Francisco.

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Wondering where you should be eating in San Francisco right now? You’re in the right place. The Infatuation Hit List is your guide to the city’s best new restaurants.

And when we say “best new restaurants,” we mean it. Because we’ve tried every single one of these places - and we’ve also left off many spots that simply aren’t as worthy of your time and money.

The Hit List is our record of every restaurant that’s opened in the past year that we’d highly recommend you try. This guide is sorted chronologically, so at the top you’ll find our latest entries to this list (the newest spots), and as you keep scrolling you’ll find the places that are on the older side - but are great enough that we still haven’t stopped talking about them.

New to The Hit List (as of 9/23): Al’s Deli, Gioia Pizzeria, Nari, Square Pie Guys

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The Spots


Thai  in  Japantown
$$$$ 1625 Post St

Nari is on the ground floor of the Kabuki Hotel in Japantown, but from the size of this glassed-in Thai restaurant and the amount of plant life in here, it feels more like you’re eating in a geodesic dome. This place is from the same people as Kin Khao in Union Square and the food is just as good, but Nari is much larger and works better for dinner than lunch. There are things like betel leaves filled with coconut, nectarines, and cured trout roe; super spicy mushrooms in puffed rice; and lamb shanks in rich curry. All of it is meant to be shared, and this is a good place to come with a small group so you can try a lot of things.

Square Pie Guys

AmericanBar FoodPizza  in  Soma
$$$$ 1077 Mission St

If it was only the pizza at Square Pie Guys that was as good as it is, we’d still eat here a lot, but we’d also come here for everything else on the menu even if we weren’t in the mood for pizza. The menu reads more like a sports bar’s than a pizzeria’s, with everything from Szechuan dry-fried chicken wings to burgers to their chocolate chip cookie sundae that any third-grader would brag about eating on their birthday, and all of it is great. But still, the Detroit-style pan pizza is the best thing here with toppings ranging from pepperoni to corn with ricotta cream and a thick chewy and caramelized crust. If you had a long day at work in SoMa, this is a good spot to go to.

Al’s Deli

$$$$ 598 Guerrero St

At this point, a lot of the best restaurants in the city have opened casual offshoots for quick meals and take-out (RT Rotisserie, Flour + Water Pizzeria), and while we love going to Al’s Place for special occasions, we’re glad Al’s Deli exists for everything else. Instead of serving mostly vegetables and meats on the side, here it’s mostly about rotisserie chicken and brisket. You can get either as a platter or in a sandwich, but if you’re here for a quick dinner, the sandwiches are the way to go. The chicken version is heavily seasoned with shawarma spices and comes with spicy schug sauce and cucumber salad, and the smokey brisket has hardboiled eggs and french fries packed into the pita too.

Gioia Pizzeria

$$$$ 579 Hayes St

Gioia used to have an outpost in Russian Hill, but then they moved to Hayes and opened this smaller, much more streamlined spot. It’s mostly a slice shop without much seating, so you’re best off getting your food to go, which isn’t a problem because everything comes on paper plates anyway. We like the margherita, which is topped with thick slices of tomato, but our favorite is the garlicky mushroom. Whatever you get, the crust is crispy on the bottom, chewy around the edges, and a big slice will only run you $4.25, making this possibly the cheapest and fastest place to get a bite in the neighborhood.

Daily Driver

$$$$ 2535 3rd Street

With its huge space, giant U-shaped counter, and balconies surrounding the main floor, Daily Driver looks more like a club than a breakfast spot, but this new place in Dogpatch serves bagels instead of forcing you to pay an obscene cover to hear a DJ play far too many Jaden and Willow Smith songs. The bagels are chewy with a good crunch on the outside, wood-fired fresh every morning, and come with things like lox and homemade cheese. It’s a good spot to come for a coffee date, especially if you’re planning on eating something. The only drawback is that you’ll end up paying $15 for a bagel with pastrami and sauerkraut. Still, though, they’re great bagels.


LatinBar Food  in  Mission
$$$$ 3198 16th St

Elda is a bar in the Mission that makes a mix of Caribbean and Latin food. It can get loud inside, so it’s best to come with your friends you know well enough that you don’t have to catch every single word of their story from their Tahoe trip to understand them. If you’re really hungry, you can make a meal out of coming here, but all of the plates are small and good for a quick snack if not. For sharing, go for the sikil pak crudite that’s like spicy hummus made from pumpkin seeds and the summer squash tacos with shiitake mushroom chicharon on fresh corn tortillas. Of the drinks, we like the Vampiros with mezcal and the Hot Stepper with rye, grapefruit, and hot honey that are both spicy but refreshing.

Flour + Water Pizzeria

PizzaItalian  in  Mission
$$$$ 700 Valencia St

Flour + Water is one of our favorite restaurants in the city, but unlike the pasta-centric original, the new location on Valencia focuses mainly on pizza. There are ten different pizzas to choose from on the main menu - split between red and white - and the flavor combinations can be just as interesting as some of the pastas served at the main restaurant, while still leaving room for things like a classic Margherita. We like the speck pie with braised cabbage, but no matter what you go with make sure to order their homemade ranch to dip the crust in. Aside from pizza, they have great meatballs with prosciutto, mozzarella sticks that are better than any you remember from your childhood, and soft serve you can order from a to-go window along with a special giant slice that changes regularly.


$$$$ 3659 Buchanan Street

Even though Mamo is in a pretty quiet part of the Marina, the food at this small Venezuelan restaurant is worth going a few blocks out of your way for before a night out. Happy Hour (Tuesday-Friday from 3-6pm) is the best time to come here, with $2 off beers and a small menu of things like pork arepas (each order includes two of them) that are filled with enough meat to be a full meal. If you get stuck at the office and miss the specials though, get the crispy chicken thigh served over polenta with olives and preserved lemon.

Susie Lacocque

Beit Rima

$$$$ 138 Church St

The kitchen at Beit Rima is in the middle of a long, skinny dining room, which makes it look like an old diner - but instead of burgers and Denver omelets, this place serves great Middle Eastern food. There are a bunch of mezze items that come in large portions you’ll want to share, like the slightly smoky baba ganoush, and no matter which ones you get, you need to get some of the hand-kneaded bread that’s absolutely covered in za’atar. If you want a larger dish, order the whole fried branzino. The skin is crispy and it comes covered in mint and onions that brighten it up - and make sure to try the homemade hot sauce that comes on the side.

Ed Anderson

Che Fico Alimentari

Italian  in  Nopa
$$$$ 834 Divisadero St.

If we were super famous and felt like being seen, we would go to Che Fico for a big meal. But if there was a night when we wanted to hide from the cameras, we would go to their place downstairs, Che Fico Alimentari. It’s much smaller and darker than the original and feels like a hideout from the world full of Italian food. The menu focuses mostly on smaller things to snack on like mozzarella with speck ham or cured anchovies, suppli rice balls, and incredible focaccia. They also have a list of cured meats that are good on their own, and even better in dishes like their spicy amatriciana that’s full of guanciale.

Little Gem

$$$$ 2184 Union St

Little Gem on Union Street feels like some sort of restaurant from the future when the science of optimization and the art of feng shui are one and the same. It’s all shiny and white, there are lots of plants, and you get the feeling that everyone in this place loves to listen to whale sounds in their spare time. The menu is pretty health-centric with things like broth and green juice available, but they also have larger dishes like bibimbap with seasonal vegetables, brown rice, and salmon tartare. It’s the kind of food you try to cook for yourself on weeknights when you want to be more healthy, only this place is actually good at it.


Korean  in  Japantown
$$$$ 1620 Post St

Daeho is a Korean place that recently opened up in Japantown. It’s small and gets packed quickly once it opens at 5pm, but you can add your name to the waitlist online and go grab a drink somewhere close by while you wait. The communal tables here all seat around six people, so unless you love sitting next to strangers, you should come with a group. The cauldrons of beef soup are large enough for three to four people, and we like the braised short rib one with cheese on top that’s more meat than broth.

Kevin McCullough

The Vault

$$$$ 555 California St

The Vault, a new spot from the people behind Trestle in the basement of the Bank of America building in FiDi, feels like it’s part of a private club, one where briefcases outnumber people when it’s busy. The food comes in small portions that are good for when you don’t want dinner or drinks to drag on longer than your weekly conference call about phone etiquette. We like the short rib with Cowgirl Creamery cheese foam, but if you’re here with someone you know pretty well, order a few more cocktails before you go for the chicken nuggets and compare childhood stories about hitting McDonald’s after soccer practice.

The Shota

$$$$ 115 Sansome St

The Shota is a Japanese tasting menu spot in the heart of the Financial District. Without alcohol or supplements, the 15-course dinner here is $150 per person, but there’s one chef for every three or four people who will periodically do things like pull out a small model of a tuna to show where each cut of fish comes from - so it’s a special meal that’s worth it. The mix of kaiseki and sushi dishes includes things like incredibly soft tuna belly nigiri and uni pate with yuzu marmalade on a profiterole that’s so good you’ll wish there had been about eight more. Because it’s all bar seating, it’s best to come here with one person for something big like an anniversary or to celebrate finally figuring out how to return your cable box to Comcast.

Audrey Ma


$$$$ 2001 Fillmore St

This bright new spot on Fillmore serves Mediterranean food, and while you could come to Noosh for drinks and a bunch of dips like muhammara and baba ghanoush, they also have things like giant pita sandwiches stuffed with eggplant and a Turkish flatbread with kale and mushrooms if you want to sit down for a full meal. The single-file line system is a little awkward, but once you get to your table, everything is uphill. Plus, when the weather is nice they open the giant windows - though the whitewashed walls and high ceilings make you feel like you’re on a Mediterranean vacation even without a breeze going through the dining room.


Bar Food  in  Soma
$$$$ Rooftop of Virgin Hotel San Francisco, 250 4th Street

Spacemen were the first to figure out that the higher up you are, the less you have to worry about anything on the ground. But instead of making space travel accessible to people who want to relax and have a fun weekend, people started building rooftop bars instead, and Everdene on top of the Virgin Hotel is the newest one in San Francisco. The majority of the space is covered by a roof that, combined with the glass-panel railings, does a good job stopping the wind from whipping 12 stories above ground, which isn’t the most ideal thing to deal with while you’re trying to enjoy a cocktail and a charcuterie board from their small menu. When it’s sunny, you can step out from under cover and sit at one of the spots running along the edge of the rooftop. Though if you can’t find a seat, there are plenty of high-tops and small tables to put your drinks down if you just want to stand in the sun and take in the views from high above Yerba Buena Park.

Sarah Felker

We love the original Fiorella in the Richmond, and the new one on Polk Street makes food that’s just as good, in a larger space so you’ll have a better chance of getting a table when you walk in with a few friends. The pizza crust here is light and airy and would make pocket lint seem like a passable topping, though thankfully it’s topped here with things like clams and guanciale. Fill out the table with a few dishes from the antipasti section, especially the butter beans with kale that’s in the running for our new favorite small plate.

Amanda Chett Lee

Moongate Lounge

$$$$ 28 Waverly Pl

Moongate Lounge is the new cocktail bar from the people behind Mister Jiu’s. It’s located on top of the main restaurant and feels like somewhere billionaires would grab a few cocktails and casually discuss things like arbitrage or gifting someone a hostile takeover for their child’s 10th birthday. The cocktails are all creative and delicious - we like the Titan with scotch, barolo chinato, tea, and toasted brown rice powder on the rim and the Start of Spring with vodka and peas that’s what all green juice should aspire to taste like. The food is mostly bar snacks like spicy peanuts with Sichuan chilies and tiny anchovies and “chickens in a spacesuit,” their version of pigs in a blanket with chicken sausage, lemon aioli, and pickled onion. If you’re here with more than one other person, it’s worth making a reservation, but if you just want a quick drink, you can cycle into a few seats at the bar.


$$$$ 550 Washington St

Verjus is a wine bar in Jackson Square that also doubles as a bottle shop. This place is huge and split into two rooms - one feels more like a restaurant and the other is a shop with ceiling-high bookshelves that hold all the bottles they serve and sell (you can drink in either). The food here is good, but it’s really there to give you something to snack on while you drink the wine you bought as a gift and then decided to try just to make sure its fit to give as a present. The menu changes, but includes a mix of Spanish and French things, like tortilla espagnole, croquettes, and pate en croute, which is made with more meats than we can count, cherries, and pistachios. Come with a few friends after work or on a double date and get a few things to try while you have a few glasses of wine. And maybe get another bottle on the way out to actually give as a gift.

The Pawn Shop

SpanishTapas  in  Soma
$$$$ 993 Mission St

San Francisco doesn’t have a lot of secret bars, and it’s not hard to find the ones that do exist - they probably realize that you need actual customers to survive. Pawn Shop in Soma is another “secret” spot, but instead of having inventive drinks or a constantly changing passcode to get in, it’s primarily an actual restaurant. When you walk in, you’re greeted by a wig-wearing pawnbroker named Jerry who leads you through the ridiculously decorated “pawn shop” up front and into a windowless room that feels like a hidden cabaret bar, with a peacock-colored glowing bar and stained glass on the walls. There are no cocktails here, but the wine list is solid and goes with the tapas they serve, like pan con tomate and serrano ham. And if you want more than just snacks, go for the pulpo a la plancha. After you’ve spent enough time here to justify the potentially long wait to get inside, head back out through the pawn shop and thank Jerry for showing you the back room where he keeps all the good stuff.

Vive La Tarte

$$$$ 4026 24th St

Birthdays are synonymous with cake, but you have to wait the entire day before you get any. If you need celebratory pastries right after you wake up in the morning though, you should head to Vive La Tarte in Noe Valley. This place has a few locations around the city, and each of them makes croissants we love with different fillings and toppings, but it’s hard to beat their classic almond. If you’re not in the mood for a croissant (or you’re saving it for your actual birthday), they also have a full menu of egg dishes and toasts.


$$$$ 3266 24th St

Obispo is a rum bar in the Mission from the same team as Bar Agricole and Trou Normand. If you get hungry, they have a Caribbean menu with things like cubano sandwiches, congri, and oxtail stew, but then make sure to get the pollo de Obispo. And if you want something smaller, reach for the empanadas along with a cocktail - we like the rum and ting.


$$$$ 398 Geary St

If you have clients staying near Union Square that you need to impress, taking them to Ayala would be a good idea. This place is big, and the ceilings are so tall that you can’t see them without trying. It would be easy to come here with a group from work - there are tables of all sizes - but if you just come here with one other person, grab a few seats at the bar. The menu is mostly seafood, and beyond the typical raw oysters, they also have a seafood charcuterie plate - cured fish that would maybe only be more at home on a bagel - that’s great to split between a few people. If you’re thinking bigger options, get the nori spaghettini with Dungeness crab. The nori is in the pasta and it tastes like the ocean, but just the right amount.

If you’ve got a big group looking to celebrate, Harborview in The Embarcadero Center has no shortage of large tables and private rooms. Everything at this new place is huge - from the menu of noodle dishes, meats, and different kinds of dumplings, to the dining room that you could park a 747 in. Come for dim sum brunch on the weekend and order everything that passes you on a cart. The black and white soup dumplings only come if you order them though, so make sure to open a menu at least once.

FOB Kitchen

Filipino  in  Oakland
$$$$ 5179 Telegraph Ave.

Fob Kitchen is a small, fun spot in the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland where you can get some excellent Filipino food and go on a casual weeknight date. It’s bright and lively inside and feels like you’re eating in the apartment of a friend who’s secret shame was wishing they were an interior decorator on a tropical island. The pork lumpia are good and so is the oxtail peanut stew, but the secret hit on the menu is the ensalada talong with eggplant, jicama, tomato, and sea beans - it’s refreshing to eat, and we wish we had it at every picnic we’ve ever been on.

Kelly Puleio

Trailblazer Tavern

$$$$ 350 Mission St

Trailblazer Tavern is inside Salesforce East, and despite its tropical theme, you can’t escape the feeling that you’re eating in the lobby of an office building, which is still somehow better than feeling like you’re eating in an amusement park. Themes aside, the Hawaiian food here is good - from the Spam musubi to their take on porchetta with kalua pork, taro leaves, and lomi tomato. If you work in SoMa, they have an afterwork Happy Hour from 3pm to 6pm with things like the musubi, dungeness crab lumpia, and tropical cocktails.


Chinese  in  Mission
$$$$ 3224 22nd St

This three-seat takeout spot in the Mission is a little more expensive than a lot of the places on Clement Street, but the dim sum is good enough to merit the extra few dollars. Aside from the shrimp dumplings, get some charred lava salty egg yolk buns that are as cool to look at as they are good to eat. Or, if you’re lazily walking around the neighborhood, get the popcorn chicken - it’s a big cup of fried chicken bites served with caramel corn that somehow works.

Bonjwing Lee


$$$$ 132 The Embarcadero

Angler is a new restaurant from the people at Saison, and while the name makes it sound seafood-focused, your carnivore friends will be happy here too. The menu has interesting things prepared in familiar ways, like blowfish tails cooked like salt and pepper shrimp and rabbit done hot chicken-style. A lot of the menu is raw too, from antelope tartare to a selection of oysters that come with sauces and vinegars delivered in what looks like your grandmother’s perfume bottle collection. They say this is their casual restaurant, which is kind of like Korn saying that their new album is a lot softer, but once you get over the people dressed as butlers appearing behind you to take drink orders, it’s pretty easy to unwind here and have fun. Food here is served family-style, so make sure you come on a date or with a group.

Patricia Chang


$$$$ 1838 Union St

Usually when restaurants open up around Cow Hollow, they come with an instruction manual - have a cool space, serve alcohol, and make passable food that people can eat as a side plot to some cheap, colorful drinks. Kaiyo must have lost the third page of that booklet because while the space is cool and part of the restaurant is a bar, the food here would be worth coming for even if they were serving it out of an abandoned Teva factory. It’s a mix of Peruvian and Japanese, so you’ll find things like sushi, ceviche, and fried yucca. Some of the menu items, like the smoked duck nigiri, might seem like stunts, but they’re definitely still worth trying.

Mary Lagier

Nyum Bai

$$$$ 3340 E 12th St Ste 11

There are a ton of companies trying to make space travel more affordable, but we think a few of them should shift to solving the teleportation problem, mostly so we can have a portal set up outside of Nyum Bai. This spot in Oakland makes Cambodian food and everything from the Prahok Ktiss with pork belly to the Amok steamed fish is worth going out of your way to get. The restaurant is casual, with no reservations and indoor and outdoor seating, and you’re going to want to come with a few friends so you can order as much as possible.

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