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Krescent Carasso

Tartine Manufactory

Written by
Krescent Carasso

We spent a lot of time at Disney World as kids, spinning in the teacups, hurtling down Splash Mountain, eating as many Mickey Mouse ice creams as a child can handle. Everything we wanted - rides, sugar, adults dressed as cartoon animals - was just a plane ride to Florida away. Tartine Manufactory is our adult version of Disney World, with everything you might want to eat conveniently bundled into one giant, beautiful space in the Mission.

“Manufactory” sounds like a place where Willy Wonka would create life-sized chocolate llamas, but it turns out it’s an actual word in the dictionary, and Tartine’s version houses an ice cream shop, a bakery/cafe, a coffee bar, and an actual bar, all in the same space. While you can make reservations for dinner, there’s guaranteed waiting involved during the day, especially on weekends. They haven’t quite figured out their Fastpass situation here yet.

The daytime pastries, breads, and sandwiches are similar, even slightly better, than at the original Tartine, and they also serve a bunch of salads and grain bowls that aren’t an option down the street. The ice cream is supremely good, with soft serve made from the milk of supposedly local water buffaloes. We’re not entirely sure where in this seven-by-seven square mile city those buffalo are though. Maybe the Dogpatch?

Krescent Carasso

It’s during these daylight hours when Tartine Manufactory is at its best - you order at the counter and take a seat in the huge, but somehow not overcrowded space and bask in the gloriously Instagram-friendly lighting. The vibe is a bit lost at night, when things become a little more formal. And while the dinner menu (very down-the-line classic Californian food) is absolutely well-done, it’s also pricey and not as amazing as we’d hoped. Some things are even a bit boring.

We probably won’t be here weekly, but when we do work up our resolve to wait in infinite lines, a visit to Tartine Manufactory is always worth it. The magic of Tartine is in the details: there’s thought and care put into everything from the pretty wood tables and attractive ceramic plates to the all-white (including every single pipe and fixture) interior. These days, we need more than a sugar high to impress us - and Tartine Manufactory delivers.

Food Rundown

Pistachio Almond Tea Cake

Dense and rich and not too sweet, this is one of the best pastries at Tartine Manufactory. You can plan to share but good luck with that.

Krescent Carasso
Porchetta Sandwich

We love the chimichurri sauce on this sandwich, but the spongy roll isn’t our favorite. It’s pretty messy too, so we’d skip this for other options.

Ham, Pickles, Cheese

You know a sandwich is good when the melted cheese is oozing out of the air bubbles in the bread. The bread to filling ratio is perfect, there’s a lot of cheese, and the pickles take it to the next level.

Krescent Carasso
Gem Lettuce Salad

Are we generally over gem lettuce salads? Yes, but at Tartine you need to balance out the nine loaves of bread you may consume with some vegetables, and at lunch this is the best way to do so. Super fresh, thanks to all the herbs involved.

Farro Salad

A strong option for a hearty lunch if you don’t want a sandwich. Pomegranates are god’s gift to fruit and give this an extra pop. Super tasty.

Fried Artichokes

These guys are strong and great to share. Still pretty light even though they’re fried, and the dipping sauce is a nice touch.

Lamb Ribs

Pray that someone at your table had a pet sheep as a child and can’t get down with eating lamb. Then order these all for yourself. The lamb ribs are excellent and the yogurt with everything bagel spices is phenomenal. See if they’ll give you more to eat as a snack between courses.

Grain Porridge

This is sold as having roasted mushrooms and parmesan, hence why we tried it. The mushrooms are pretty meaty and the porridge is..porridge-y? Not enough cheese and not enough flavor.

Roasted Baby Carrots

The olive topping is awesome and makes these much better than we expected.

Skillet Roasted Chicken

The crispy skin makes this dish, and while it isn’t the cheapest you get a pretty hearty portion. Good, but not great.

Short Rib Pastrami Sandwich

In theory, this should be a great sandwich. Unfortunately, the short rib is sort of tough and comes out in one bite and the entire construction immediately disintegrates upon contact like the fifth piece in a game of Jenga. Skip it.

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