4505 Burgers & BBQ

Perfect For: Day Drinking Lunch Outdoor/Patio Situation

4505 Burgers & BBQ

Perfect For: Day Drinking Lunch Outdoor/Patio Situation

Let’s be real, people: the BBQ scene in our city is pretty grim.

The regional capitals - Carolina, KC, Memphis, and Texas - are growing stronger than ever. Other cities, especially NYC and LA, have been beefing up their rosters for years now. Yet we can’t catch a break. There’s like, what, three legitimate barbecue options in SF? And one of them is poor.

But as we crawled across this barren meat desert, hurting for some legitimate ’cue, a new restaurant beckoned. It was the mysteriously-numeric 4505. Come hither, they said. We’ve built an oasis of pork and beef and best-damn-burgers and fried macaroni and cheese. Could it be true?

Yes. It is true. 4505 has instantly catapulted into the top tier of SF BBQ, mostly because there was no top tier. The brisket is appropriately moist. The pork is fatty and potent. The ribs are incredible. Just the right amount of chew, smoke, and seasoning. The burger lives up to its “best damn” moniker. Is it #1? It’s in the discussion. It’s on the Mount Rushmore of SF burgers.

Like any real BBQ joint, this place is best enjoyed in daytime, in sunlight, with a beer, on the patio. Lean back and smell the smoke.

Food Rundown


It’s not the greatest brisket you’ve ever had—it’s not up with the perfection that can be found in Texas Hill Country. But, honestly, it’s pretty tasty. It has the moisture level and the bark down. You’ll still enjoy it.

Pulled Pork

Tasty, also appropriately moist and fatty.


By far our favorite thing we ordered. Great smokey bark, good spice, nice and tender without being overcooked. Would come back just for these.

Best Damn Cheeseburger

As noted above, in the discussion for the tops in the city. Basically a souped up In-N-Out secret sauce burger, with better ingredients on all fronts.


A fried lozenge of mac and cheese with little bits of meat inside. Your opinion on this will probably match your opinion on mac and cheese in general. We find it rarely remarkable, and same here.


Coleslaw and beans were fine, good but not great. Appropriate for a BBQ joint.

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