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Holly Liss

Ostrich Farm

Written by
Holly Liss

Restaurants love a good title. “Best” this, “Most” that. It’s their kryptonite. So before we had even eaten at Ostrich Farm, we handed it a fairly distinguished one - Restaurant We Tried To Eat At The Most Times Before Actually Eating There. It was well-earned. With no reservations given to parties under five people, we found ourselves stopping by, driving past, and calling ahead at peak hours, only to hear that there was a wait. And so we moved on.

That was a mistake.

Because once we finally got around to putting in the insanely small amount of effort it takes to eat here, we realized Ostrich Farm had the completely wrong title. Make no doubt about it, Ostrich Farm is One Of The Best Restaurants To Hit The Eastside In Long Time.

Did you feel that? You just got superlatived. We don’t say “best” lightly, even when it’s following the words “one of.” So, take note.

At Ostrich Farm, all your modern Eastside mainstays are here - flatbreads, fancy salads, meatballs, and various dishes involving sprouts. The entree menu consists of one fish, one of each type of meat, and then your predictably “unexpected” blue-collar dish. This time it’s a potpie. If this sounds like every other menu between Los Feliz and Mount Washington, it’s because it is. However, Ostrich Farm is taking everything you already loved and making it better. You can get a decent Caesar salad anywhere. But Ostrich Farm throws it on the grill and makes it great. Already found your meatball spot? Here they toss it in some Heavenly combination of sauces delivered from baby Jesus himself. And that wine list? Perfect.

Ostrich Farm’s small interior certainly has a stark, white-walled aesthetic to it, but not in the way you hate. It’s welcoming, unpretentious, and surprisingly casual. Whether it’s a date night you don’t want to screw up or a midweek dinner with friends, a meal at Ostrich Farm feels like a special event, even when it’s not. And that plays well with the laid-back Echo Park crowd. And also you. Don’t believe us? Wait the necessary half an hour and find out for yourself.

Don’t be the Person Who Just Couldn’t Be Inconvenienced.

Food Rundown

Prosciutto, Arugula, Pear, and Parmesan Flatbread

Generally speaking, flatbreads are just pizzas that someone forgot to cook (or an open-faced sandwich, which is worse). This is the exception to the rule. Each ingredient is used in enough moderation to make it politely edible on a date, yet still remaining incredibly flavorful.

Caesar Salad

First man discovered fire. Then man discovered putting romaine lettuce on top of it to make this salad. It’s that momentous.

Pork/Veal Meatballs, Spicy Romesco, Herb Mint Yogurt

Yes, yes, yes. Everything about this is a yes. If you don’t order this, it’s only because you decided to make a meal out of ordering seven Grilled Caesars. Trust us when we say you’ll be attempting to drink the sauce after the meat tragically runs out.

Grilled Ribeye

This ribeye is like the head cheerleader from your high school. There’s no doubt she was beautiful, and you’ll always have a soft spot in your heart for her, but this is LA and the rest of these dishes were straight up super models. That said, any other place this could have easily been Homecoming Queen.

Dark Chocolate Tart, Sea Salt

Growing up happens in stages: your first time necking with Bobby on the trampoline behind Ally’s house, your first time doing your own taxes, and the time you figure out that salt makes chocolate so much better. This thing is too rich to down alone, so bring along Bobby to help you finish it.

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