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Furious Spoon

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In the late 1990’s, a friend of mine wrote a letter to Ty, Inc. suggesting a new Beanie Baby as part of a contest - Ants the Aardvark. The company made it, and we collectively lost our nine-year-old sh*t. He was credited as the inspiration in the official Beanie Baby book, and we thought we were going to get rich (not sure what part I played in this).

The current ramen craze is kind of like the food equivalent of Beanie Babies in the ’90s. People lose their collective adult sh*t every time a new ramen joint opens up. All ramen is good, just as any Beanie Baby was better than no Beanie Baby at all, but that doesn’t mean Garcia the tie-dye bear isn’t still cooler than Batty the bat. And if ramen joints are Beanie Babies, Furious Spoon has slowly worked its way up the collector’s item chart in our book.

All of the ramen packs a lot of flavor in a distinct way, which is impressive when you consider the range of broths - from the rich and spicy Furious Ramen to the more subdued Vegetable option. Furious Spoon also makes its own noodles, and the plentiful add-ons let you customize things the way you want.

Based on all the press we’ve seen of Furious Spoon, you would be led to believe it’s a polarizing place. But we think the only reason people are turned off by it is because they can’t handle the music, style, and fact there weren’t initially “regular” spoons. Smaller spoons have recently been added, but you’re cooler than that - demand a giant ladle, or simply pick up the bowl.

We feel no reluctance in saying anyone who complains about the layout or style of Furious Spoon seems to be missing the point. Early Nas hits bumping through the place? Yes. Elongated rectangular restaurant where you’re posted up at a low-level bar or communal high-top? Of course. When you want a quick hit of ramen and and a cold beer, the brash alternative vibes of Furious Spoon are exactly what you should want. This is a ramen joint after all, and if these things bother you, maybe you should consider a more formal meal.

The only real problem here is occasionally the efficiency. Service is friendly and we are always treated exceptionally nice, but at times there seem to be glitches in the kitchen ranging from timing of food delivery to keeping items in stock. But for the food, price points, and ambience, these are small glitches we are willing to overlook.

True story on our Furious Spoon thoughts. True story about Ants the Aardvark Beanie Baby too.

Food Rundown

Beef Brisket Rice Bowl

Some beef brisket over a bowl of rice. Tasty? Yes. Necessary? No. Your call.

Vegetable Ramen

Furious Spoon’s vegetable ramen is the lightest of the bunch, with a miso base, roasted garlic, cabbage, pickled moshrooms, and bamboo. But unless you’re actually a vegetarian or are looking for something on the lighter said, we say skip it for one of the three options below.

Shoyu Ramen

Soy based ramen with some fatty pork belly, bean sprouts, bamboo, and seaweed. A strong ramen if you want something flavorful but not a ton of spice. Throw a poached egg on there for good measure.

Chicken Shio Ramen

Chicken ramen with white pepperchicken, bamboo, and naruto, which is the gellatenis little pink swirl in ramen that you never quite know what it is. Don’t concern yourself (it’s madeout of fish), because tastes like nothing. Add Furious Spoon’s recommendations on this one, which include a poached egg, garlic, and fury sauce.

Furious Ramen

If you don’t have a strong aversion to spicy food, this is the move. Furious Spoon’s namesake ramen is thick, heavy, and full of all the good stuff, including pork belly, white pepper chicken, poached egg, marinated mushrooms, garlic relish, and fury sauce. It doesn’t disappoint.


Keep an eye out for the crispy side of shrimp they have available sometimes. It’s heavily seasoned with heads on, and a perfect little side option to go with any ramen.

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