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Hi Infatuation reader. With restaurants around the country reopening, we understand that socializing in any form might still feel strange, and poses risks too. Should you go out to eat? That’s up to you. But we’ll continue to keep you informed as best we can. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at community@theinfatuation.com.



Boston’s New Restaurant Openings

The new restaurant openings you should know about.

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Updated July 27th, 2020

If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant in Boston, you might go a little bit crazy. So just read this list instead. These are the new restaurant openings that seem like they have the most potential - although keep in mind, for the ones we haven’t tried, we make no promises. Go forth and be a pioneer.

We’ll be regularly updating this post. Once we check out each spot, we’ll add a note so you know where to read more about it - in our Hit List.


Drew Katz

Revival Cafe + Kitchen

$$$$ 103 Newbury St

We’re fans of the breakfast sandwiches at this Cambridge spot, which has locations both in Davis Square and Alewife. Now they’ve opened a new branch on Newbury, making the street even more of a coffee destination (Blue Bottle, Pavement, and Thinking Cup are all there too).

Joel Ang

The Lexington at Picnic Grove

$$$$ 219 Jacobs Street

The team behind Puritan & Co. was supposed to open three new places in East Cambridge in June, but the pandemic altered that timeline. For now, they’re running an outdoor picnic pop-up of sorts with wagyu hot dogs, lobster rolls, and pretzel Rice Krispie treats.

City Works

City Works - Watertown

$$$$ 485 Arsenal St.

Just in case you needed a spot with 15 flat screen TVs and 90 beers on tap, City Works in Watertown has you covered. They’ve also got a large outdoor patio, perfect for sipping all those brews while you get your annual dose of Vitamin D.

Season To Taste

$$$$ 2447 Massachusetts Ave

The highly acclaimed fine-dining spot The Table at Season to Taste closed in June, and the same team behind that Cambridge spot is opening a more casual gastropub in the space. They’ll have outdoor dining to start, with plans for indoor dining at a later date.


Jamaica Mi Hungry

$$$$ 225 Centre Street

The Jamaican food truck specialists now have their first brick-and-mortar location in JP. Curry goat, oxtails, and the Arboretum are now the top three reasons to move to that neighborhood.

Seis Pies

Seis Pies

$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

Seis Pies, which translates to six feet, is a burrito pop-up that was born out of the pandemic. Now their San Francisco “mission-style” burritos are available at Hot Box in Bow Market - the menu can be found here.

Faces Brewing

Faces Brewing Company

$$$$ 50 Pleasant St

Faces Brewing is the newest brewery in town, and it’s now open for both indoor and outdoor dining. There are sandwiches and pizza to go, along with 11 different beers on tap at this Malden spot. Naturally, half of them are IPAs.

The Nu Do Society

Nu Do Society

$$$$ 125 River St

We weren’t sure either at first, but we can now confirm the Nu Do Society is distinctly different from the folks at Sandy Terraces. The team was scheduled to open a new brick-and-mortar location in Cambridge, but encountered some COVID-related renovation issues. However, they’re still serving noodles weekly - more information on their website.

Tasty Burger

$$$$ 48 Winter Street

Tasty has added a fifth location to their ever-expanding patty empire - this time, it’s a new place in Downtown Crossing.

Mediterranean Grill

$$$$ 2401 Massachusetts Ave

Kabobs, falafel, and spanakopita are all available at this new Mediterranean-inspired spot in North Cambridge.


Dumpling Daughter

Dumpling Daughter

$$$$ 1309 Beacon St

We suppose life would be a little easier sometimes with well-behaved, pan-seared pork dumplings instead of a screaming two-year-old. This Chinese spot recently opened a new branch in Brookline to go along with locations in Cambridge and Weston.

Chic Chick

$$$$ 164 Brighton Ave

If you’ve never had the chance to indulge in Hainanese chicken rice, here’s your chance. Chic Chick in Allston is serving the classic poached chicken on rice and soba noodles. If you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to get enough of that ginger-jasmine rice.


My Happy Hunan Kitchen

$$$$ 1924 Beacon St

Admittedly, we’d be pretty happy too if we were served red-braised pork, spicy shrimp, and lamb stew every day. With this new Hunan spot in Brighton, it seems that a quick pick-me-up is pretty achievable.

Weltkuche Bistro

$$$$ 5 Glassworks Ave

Weltkuche in East Cambridge claims to be an “international restaurant,” though it appears most of the items on the menu are more Northern Indian in nature. It adds another dining option for those living in the ever-changing Cambridge Crossing area.


Keith Patankar

Tambo 22

$$$$ 22 Adams St

Tambo 22 is a new Peruvian spot run by the same team behind one of our favorite North End restaurants, Taranta. If there’s one thing that could help lift our spirits a little this year, it’s more places to drink pisco sours and eat ceviche.

Sombrero Chiquito

$$$$ 197 Massachusetts Ave

Sombrero Chiquito in Fenway opened right before the quarantine restrictions hit, but this Mexican spot is still making things like burritos, nachos, and street corn for takeout and delivery.

Mexicali Sushi Bar

$$$$ 199 Sumner St

Mexicali in East Boston serves Mexican-inspired sushi rolls, which is pretty unique for the Boston area. The aguachile roll, in particular, sounds interesting.


Yellow Door Taqueria

$$$$ 354 Harrison Ave

Dorchester staple Yellow Door Taqueria has opened a second location in the South End. There are 12 taco varieties, like scallop frito and sunchoke, to choose from, all of which come on homemade corn tortillas. The restaurant also has a text-a-taco service, which you use to gift tacos to your friends. Turns out technology can actually be used for good.

Sam Swan


$$$$ 48 Gloucester St

Wine bars are opening all over the city, and Krasi has joined the party. This Greek restaurant in Back Bay features lesser-known wines from the region and a large selection of mezze plates like celery root carpaccio and smoked monkfish. There’s also a “Feast of the Gods” for $349, if you’re feeling particularly divine.


$$$$ 125 Salem St

Libertine is a new North End restaurant that, shockingly, isn’t Italian. It calls itself a “gastropub,” serving a wide range of things from street corn to chicken pot pie to BBQ ribs. There’s also a number of mac and cheese options, probably because any place that doesn’t serve pasta in the North End will inevitably be shut down by the tourism board.

Alma Gaucha

$$$$ 401 D St

Southie now has its own Brazilian steakhouse right next to Lawn on D. So this summer you could foreseeably eat an ungodly amount of meat and then play bubble soccer - Boston’s version of the Krispy Kreme Challenge.


$$$$ 40 Berkeley St

The team behind Beehive has a new street food-inspired Mexican spot inside the Revolution Hotel in the South End. The menu has a variety of tacos and rice bowls, as well as a selection of larger entrees like cochinita pibil (pork that’s spent hours detoxing within a banana leaf).

Bubor Cha Cha

$$$$ 45 Beach St

This Chinatown restaurant, which previously served Cantonese and South East Asian dishes, has now reopened with a focus on Hunan cuisine. Expect some spicy things like steamed fish with red peppers.


$$$$ 23A Bow St

A small Mexican restaurant and bar has opened right next to Celeste in Somerville. There are mezcal and tuxca cocktails, as well as five to six small plates (like aguachile) daily. Weekend brunch is also available.

Mike Diskin

French Quarter

$$$$ 545 Washington St

The Theater District is now home to a New Orleans-themed restaurant, complete with fleur de lis, sazeracs, po-boys, and gumbo. No word yet on whether Drew Brees will make an appearance.

Lucie Drink & Dine

$$$$ 120 Huntington Ave

There’s a new kind-of-American restaurant inside The Colonnade Hotel in Back Bay, and its goal is to become a “great neighborhood restaurant.” We’re not entirely sure what algorithm they’ll use to get there, but having Maine lobster pie and make-your-own-sundaes on the menu is a good start.

Brooklyn Ramen

$$$$ 299 Harvard St

The speciality Japanese tea store Gen Sou En in Brookline recently closed, but the space has now been converted into a grocery store. There’s a deli housing Brooklyn Ramen in the back, which serves ramen and okonomiyaki.


$$$$ 146 Belgrade Ave

A casual West African restaurant is now open in Roslindale, serving staples like meat patties, puff puffs, and Jollof rice.


Brian Samuels

Grand Tour

$$$$ 314 Newbury St

The team behind Select Oyster Bar now has a Tour de France-inspired bistro just around the corner in Back Bay. The menu has some unique takes on French classics, like escargot pie and rabbit with parsley salad. The most expensive thing on the menu is the caviar omelette at $60 - even if we were gifted one every morning, we still wouldn’t ride a bike for 3,570 miles.


$$$$ 1450 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester has a new soul food and Asian fusion restaurant, serving unique dishes like jambalaya egg rolls and a smoked brisket bánh mì. It’s more interesting than almost everything at Legal, where the chef used to work.

La Mei Hotpot

$$$$ 230 Harvard St

The Coolidge Corner section of Brookline now has another hot pot restaurant in the neighborhood. There’s a “crazy spicy” broth option here - while Denny’s has a similar option, we guarantee it will taste better at LaMei.



$$$$ 512 Commonwealth Ave

Osaka udon-chain Tsurutontan now has its first Boston location inside of the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square. Udon’s not the only thing on the menu, though - there’s also sushi, donburi bowls, cocktails, and sake.

Kim Furnald

Lulu Green

$$$$ 246 W Broadway

Southie now has a Middle Eastern vegan restaurant. You’ll have salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and a mezze bar to choose from, as well as some bakery items. A Turkish coffee cardamom-cherry muffin seems like a delicious option to us.


$$$$ 1246 Massachusetts Ave

Dorchester Brewing Company, one of our favorite Boston breweries, is now home to a BBQ restaurant. So the next time you’re “working from home,” you’ll be able to pair some pulled pork with an IPA during an important “lunch meeting.”

Poke By Love Art

$$$$ 103 Beverly St

The Love Art team already has a sushi and udon restaurant, so now they’re adding a poke spot to the mix. Everything is gluten-free at this Downtown establishment, apart from the spaghetti self-portrait on the wall by local artist Nord Fine.

Bar 'Cino

Bar 'Cino

$$$$ 1032 Beacon St

Instead of another dispensary (which was originally supposed to be in this space), Brookline just got a new Italian restaurant from a Rhode Island restaurant group. The menu is made up of a variety of small plates and pastas, as well as a specific type of Rhode Island pizza made famous in the 1980s. Tracksuits and ruffled shirts are making a comeback, so we suppose there’s no reason to discriminate against pizza.

Longcross Bar and Kitchen

LongCross Bar and Kitchen

$$$$ 501 Fellsway

Detroit-style pizza places are quickly expanding around the Boston area, and perhaps some of them will make it on to our best pizza list one day. For now, you can enjoy deep-dish by the fireplace at this new Medford restaurant.


Joyelle West

Gray’s Hall

$$$$ 615 E Broadway

A natural wine bar and small plates spot has opened in Southie. Conveniently, the bar is located next to American Provisions, a full fledged cheese, wine, and charcuterie store, making this a one-stop-shop for all your self-care needs.

JM Leach

Sound Advice

Bar  in  West End
$$$$ 60 Causeway St

If you’ve ever had the desire to drink at a movie theater without actually watching a movie, then this is the place for you. This cocktail bar is located next to the new ArcLight Cinemas in The Hub on Causeway.

Flight Club Darts USA

Flight Club

$$$$ 60 Seaport Blvd

Cocktails, darts, and cotton candy unite together at this Seaport bar, a unity which management believes will bring you “unexpected, ridiculous joy.” Hopefully it’s not of the Ed Norton variety.

Happy Crab

$$$$ 1137 Broadway

Somerville is the location for yet another Cajun-style, eat-with-your-hands seafood restaurant. At this time, we will reserve comment on the emotional state of crustaceans within the institution.

Lily P’s

$$$$ 50 Binney St

Kendall Square is apparently home to a startup that helps you learn the lingo for a variety of different industries. It is also now home to this fried chicken and oysters spot - which means, no matter what you do for work, “yes” is pretty much the only term you’ll need to know.



$$$$ 252 Friend St

Bite-sized arancini balls will now be served until 3am on Friday and Saturdays in the West End. Cini’s will also serve pizza until that time, so it may become your go to place for late-night cheesy Instagram photos.

Tavern of Tales

Tavern of Tales

$$$$ 1478 Tremont St

Board games are more fun when someone else is serving cocktails and your guests don’t have to sit on the couch that the cat constantly sheds on. Pizza and tater tots are also available at this Mission Hill cafe.

iFresh Noodle

$$$$ 182 Brighton Ave

Allston is getting a new hand-pulled noodle store, which is great. We just hope that the “noodle-pulling” team is better than the “name-the-restaurant” team.

Tonkatsu King

$$$$ 17 Brighton Ave

The Super 88 food court has a new vendor, one that will be royally frying up golden pieces of pork. We would be happy citizens under this monarchy.

This Bronx-based Jamaican patty chain is continuing its expansion in the greater Boston area, this time in the Dudley Square area of Roxbury.

Only One Jamacian Restaurant III

$$$$ 1345 Hyde Park Ave

Can you have three locations as a restaurant and still call yourself “Only One”? This Jamaican establishment, with a new spot in Hyde Park, is certainly not shying away from the question.


Mariel Underground

Mariel Underground

CubanBar  in  Downtown
$$$$ 10 Post Office Square

Mariel, a great new Cuban restaurant in Post Office Square, has opened a cocktail lounge underneath the restaurant. It’s open Tuesday-Sunday starting a 5pm and taking table reservations 9pm and later.

Woods Hill Pier Four

Woods Hill Pier 4

$$$$ 300 Pier 4 Blvd

There’s a new seafood place in one of those brand new glass condo buildings on the seaport, and your dad will almost certainly mistakenly call it Woods Hole Pier 4 for years to come.

Omori Izakaya

$$$$ 195 Washington St

Brookline has a new izakaya, and it’s right around the corner from a dispensary. If you’ve been in the mood for pot and robata skewers, you’re in luck.

Soup Shack

$$$$ 401 Harvard Street

A JP spot for pho, ramen, and Thai noodle dishes opened a second location north of Coolidge Corner in Brookline.

Shake Shack

$$$$ 322 Washington St

There’s a new burger option (and source of huge lunch lines) in Downtown Crossing, as Greater Boston gets its seventh Shake Shack

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

$$$$ 345 Harrison Ave

We’re not quite at the point where there are as many Tatte’s as Dunkin Donuts in Boston, but we’re getting there, as a new one opened up in the South End.

Lola Burger

$$$$ 11 Fan Pier Blvd

The people behind Lola 42 have opened up a burger joint around the corner on Fan Pier.

An Australian chain of coffee shops just opened its first Boston location in Harvard Square. It serves an all-day breakfast menu of things like lemon ricotta pancakes and shakshuka.

Nourish Your Soul

$$$$ 208 Newbury Street

If you ever get hungry while shopping for yoga pants at the Lululemon on Newbury Street, now you have a place to eat bowls, smoothies, and other foods your spin instructor loves at Nourish Your Soul.

Dirty Water Dough Company

$$$$ 20 Maverick St

A Newbury Street slice joint just opened up a second location in Maverick Square.


Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina

$$$$ 110 Causeway

There are plenty of things that Boston has in abundance, like rotaries, wind, and 18-22 year-olds from New Jersey. But we’ve always had a conspicuous lack of donkey sauce. The drought may be over now that we have a Guy Fieri restaurant at North Station.

Distraction Brewing

Bar  in  Roslindale
$$$$ 2 Belgrade Ave

Everyone is understandably sad about the closure of Mystic Brewery, but thankfully it’s been immediately replaced by Distraction Brewing in Roslindale Square.

Brato Brewhouse + Kitchen

$$$$ 190 North Beacon St

And right on Distraction’s heels, Brato Brewhouse is opening in Brighton. It looks like it has way more food options that most breweries.

Six West

Six West

$$$$ 6 W Broadway

Southie has its first hotel, and it comes with a hotel restaurant that serves potstickers, short rib tacos, and caviar paninis. A rooftop bar is coming, too, but it’s not open yet.

The Kenmore

$$$$ 475 Commonwealth Ave

What used to be the Lower Depths in Kenmore Square is now a place called The Kenmore with beer and bar food.

Veggie Grill

$$$$ 57 JFK St

West Coast vegan chain Veggie Grill has opened in Harvard Square. Expect salads, veggie burgers, and lots of other quick options.

Izakaya Ittoku

$$$$ 1815 Massachusetts Ave

Ittoku is an izakaya that just moved to Porter Square from Brighton (closing the original location in the process). It appears to largely have the same menu, though it has a full liquor license now.

Lobstah On A Roll

$$$$ 254 Newbury St

A South End sandwich shop that makes the [ninth best lobster roll in Boston[(https://www.theinfatuation.com/boston/guides/best-lobster-rolls-in-boston) just opened a second location on Newbury Street.

Pink Taco Boston

$$$$ 374 Congress St

A Los Angeles taco chain has opened in The Seaport. They’re open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, serving tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and bowls.

Bulfinch Social

$$$$ 107 Merrimac street

The Boxer Hotel in the Bulfinch Triangle has a new lobby restaurant, meaning we have a new place to eat and drink near the Garden that doesn’t have Larry Bird jerseys on the walls.



French  in  Back Bay
$$$$ 900 Boylston St

Rochambeau is a big, brassy French restaurant in the Back Bay, which is already probably the capital of big, brassy French restaurants.

Bar Moxy

$$$$ 240 Tremont

The brand new Moxy Hotel in the Theater District has a restaurant, and we’re pretty sure it’s the only place in town with a “food truck-inspired photo booth.”

Trillium Fenway

$$$$ 401 Park Dr

Trillium has built a new tap room on the lawn outside of the Time Out Market, as it continues its quest to completely take over the Boston beer scene.


Richard Cadan


Cuban  in  Downtown
$$$$ 10 Post Office Sq

Mariel is a big Cuban place in an old bank in Post Office Square. We don’t know why all old banks were built to look like Greek temples, but they make for some cool looking restaurants.


$$$$ 1193 Cambridge St

Richard’s is a new American spot in Inman Square. They serve things like pasta and grilled bison.

Ghost Pepper Taco & Tequila Bar

$$$$ 120 Savin Hill Ave

Savin Hill has a new taco and tequila bar and, let’s face it, every neighborhood deserves a new taco and tequila bar.


$$$$ 1790 Massachusetts Ave

Calawan is a Southeast Asian place in Porter Square. It looks like it has some really cheap wine, so it’s got that going for it, as well as dumplings, curries, and meatier dishes too.


$$$$ 318 Harvard Street

Gantetsu-Ya is a new Japanese street food stall in the Coolidge Corner arcade. There are few things in life we like more than Japanese street food, so we’re excited.


$$$$ 6 Beacon St

The former 6B Lounge - a Downtown bar that existed solely for the purpose of after-work drinks - has been replaced by a new tiki place with a menu of bar bites. Sounds like an improvement to us.

Jamaica Mi Hungry

$$$$ 225 Centre Street

You’ve seen the jerk chicken food truck around town, and now you can find it in brick-and-mortar form in Jamaica Plain.

Pazza On Porter

$$$$ 107 Porter Street

The owners of Caffe Dello Sport on Hanover Street are branching out with a full-service Italian restaurant in East Boston.

Family Affair

$$$$ 554 Columbia St

How many different kinds of chicken and waffles do you know how to make? If your answer is somewhere between 0 and 51, then, sorry, you don’t know how to make as many different kinds of chicken and waffles as this new Caribbean restaurant in Dorchester.


$$$$ 120 Kingston St

If you’ve ever had a friend visit Boston only to complain about our lack of restaurants that showcase the cuisine of Oklahoma, now you can take them to Stillwater for some Ritz cracker-crusted fried chicken.


$$$$ 14 Tyler St

Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville already has Boston’s best brewery dining option in The Tasting Counter. But if you’re not up to a two-hour tasting menu, now you can get arepas at Carolicious.


Alejandro Ramos

OddFellows Ice Cream

$$$$ 55 Boylston St

If you’ve never had olive oil and strawberry jam flavored ice cream, now you can at this NYC-based ice cream place that opened in Chestnut Hill.


SteaksItalian  in  Fenway
$$$$ 188 Brookline St

Now that the people behind Sweet Cheeks, Tiger Mama, and Fool’s Errand opened up an Italian place, Orfano, there’s now an entire block of the Fenway that’s almost completely controlled by one restaurant group. But we’re big fans of the first three restaurants, so if Orfano is any good and the city wants to let them name the street, we’re good with that.

Shy Bird

$$$$ 1 Broadway

Kendall Square has a new all-day counter-service cafe, and this one serves beer and wine along with its specialty rotisserie meats.




The fast-casual Greek spot opened its second location. It’s in the Seaport and, unlike the original Back Bay location, it has a liquor license.

Create Gallery & Cocktails

$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

Bow Market may be officially finished now that there’s a small cocktail bar/art gallery that serves draft cocktails created by bartenders from around the city.

Taqueria El Barrio

$$$$ 1022 Commonwealth Ave

The people behind Bisq, one of our favorite restaurants in Cambridge, have opened a counter-service taco place on Comm Ave. near BU.

Boba Me

$$$$ 1520 Tremont

A new cafe in Mission Hill is serving boba tea and “flaming hot cheese fries.” We’re all for interesting combinations, so you do you, Boba Me.

Pai Kin Kao

$$$$ 80 River Street

What used to be Chick Chick Boom, a Central Square chicken place, is now Pai Kin Kao, and it focuses on Thai and ramen.

110 Grill

$$$$ 1 District Ave

A new location of an American chain has opened in the South Bay area of Dorchester, and it calls itself “upscale-casual.” That doesn’t seem to make sense, but we don’t necessarily dislike things that don’t make sense.


Brian Samuels

The Emory

$$$$ 21 Beacon St

There’s a new restaurant at the top of Beacon Hill and and it has a couple of things on the menu we’ve never heard off, like a lobster sausage sandwich and baked potato beignets.


$$$$ 308 Harvard Street

Parlour is a new tapas place in Coolidge Corner, so now you have a tapas place to eat at before attending a French film festival at the Coolidge Corner Theater.

The Oyster Club

$$$$ 79 Park Plaza

We don’t necessarily need more oyster bars, but we’ll always welcome them. This one is just off the Public Garden, and it seems like a place where a lot of people will be paying with corporate cards.


$$$$ 272 Hanover Street

There’s a new restaurant on Hanover Street and, you’re not going to believe this, but it’s Italian. It’s called Dolce, and it specializes in pizza and gelato.

Kingston Cuts

Steaks  in  Downtown
$$$$ 25 Kingston Street

Downtown Crossing has a new steak-y bistro, with a separate bar and lounge area up front.

Black Lamb

Black Lamb

AmericanSeafoodFrench  in  South End
$$$$ 571 Tremont St

The people behind Bar Mezzana, Shore Leave, and No Relation - three South End spots we’re fans of - opened Black Lamb, an “American brasserie and raw bar.” We’re excited.

Silk Road Express

$$$$ 1 Brighton Ave

This is the second location of an Uyghur restaurant in Cambridge, and it’s in the wonderful Super 88 Asian food hall in Allston.

It’s a delivery-only restaurant, which we’re not sure even counts as a restaurant. But if you live near their kitchen in Allston, then you can get some chicken sandwiches that look pretty good, and hopefully travel well.

Kim’s Tofu

Korean  in  Allston
$$$$ 160 Brighton Ave

Kim’s is a new Korean place in Allston, and it makes all its tofu in-house.


$$$$ 170 Charles Street

The people behind Juliet, an awesomely casual and affordable fine-dining restaurant in Union Square, have opened Peregrine. It’s an Italian spot in a Beacon Hill boutique hotel, and, as you’d from an Italian spot in a Beacon Hill boutique hotel, it looks to be much more upscale and pricey than their first place.

Sally’s Sandwiches

$$$$ 492 Tremont St

The people behind Banyan and The Gallows - a Korean place and a pub, respectively - opened this sandwich spot inside Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End.

The Porch Southern Fare And Juke Joint

$$$$ 175 Rivers edge Dr

We’re pretty sure that this new spot for barbecue and live music in Medford is the only juke joint in Boston, and we’re definitely sure it’s the first time we’ve seen the term “juke joint” since reading The Color Purple.

Black Jack Pasta Kitchen

$$$$ 1401 Washington Street

Black Jack Pasta Bar was a pasta place in the Fenway that closed last year. This new spot in the South End is a grab-and-go pasta place, which is interesting.



Ilona in the South End is the third restaurant opened up by the team behind Kava Neo-Taverna and Puro Ceviche Bar - two places we really like. It’s Georgian, but Stalin-Georgian, not OutKast-Georgian.

BearMoose Brewing Company

$$$$ 1934 Revere Beach Pkwy

Cool - we literally just finished our Boston Brewery Rankings, and now we already have to update it. Thanks a lot, BearMoose Brewing, a new brewery and taproom that just opened up with an in-house deli in Everett.

all the time out market places

Saltie Girl

Saltie Girl Fenway

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The Back Bay raw bar is selling a small selection of its favorites, including lobster rolls (both hot and cold) and clam chowder.

Tasting Counter

$$$$ 401 Park Dr

One of the city’s fanciest and most expensive tasting menu places now has a place where you can wait in line for $22 king crab risotto.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The original Mameleh’s in Kendall Square is one of Boston’s best delis. This is now the third place you can get the shakshuka, along with its stand at the Public Market.

Jaclyn Rivas

The team behind O Ya and Hojoko are serving up chicken and dumplings.

Jaclyn Rivas

Gogo Ya

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The team behind O Ya and Hojoko are also serving up crispy nori tacos and bento boxes.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The real Bisq is an excellent wine bar in Inman Square. This mini-Bisq is serving charcuterie and sandwiches.

Gelato & Chill

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

They serve up gelato and wordplay.

Union Square Donuts

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

If you haven’t already had one of these brioche donuts (either at the original spot in Union or the stand in the Public Market) now’s your chance.

Revolution Health Kitchen

$$$$ 401 Park Dr

Juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and other things your spin instructor loves.

Michael Schlow used to run, like, 16 really hyped restaurants in Boston. Then he left and closed them all for some reason, and now he’s back with an Italian stand here.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

Oh, apparently Michael Schlow is also back with a pizza stand here.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

Anoush’ella is a popular spot in the South End for fast casual Medeterranean food. Come here for mezze, overnight braised beef, and za’atar chicken.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

There are two bars at the Time Out Market. They’re both called Bar.

All the Casino Spots


$$$$ 1 Broadway

We hear it has a view of the table games instead of the water, but the more interesting thing about this seafood spot is that it’s led by the original chef from Neptune Oyster, one of Boston’s best restaurants.

Oyster Bar

$$$$ 1 Broadway

It’s a place that sells oysters, in a casino, and it’s also from the old Neptune chef.

It’s a place that sells burgers, in a casino.


$$$$ 1 Broadway

The people behind three of our most cliched Italian places in the North End (Bricco, Mare, and Strega) have combined forces to build a (probably) cliched Italian place in a casino.

Rare Steakhouse

$$$$ 1 Broadway

They claim to serve the only “certified authentic Kobe beef in New England.” We’ll fact-check that with the governor of the Hyogo Prefecture and get back to you.



It’s an Italian place, and it’s probably where all the guys who had Swingers posters on their walls in college are going to eat.

Red 8

$$$$ 1 Broadway

It’s a Chinese restaurant franchise of a chain that also has locations in Macau, which is in China, and Las Vegas, which is not.



Izakayas are cool, and this one apparently has views of the skyline instead of a busload of senior citizens being hypnotized by slot machines.

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