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The Best Late Night Eats In Austin

PHOTO: Jordan Haro

Austin has an unfair number of excellent late-night eating options. This is a fact we tend to take for granted - in other cities, 3am eating is quarantined to establishments like Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger King. But in Austin, late-night and even 24-hour eating makes up its own legitimate restaurant category, and it’s one of the best things about this city. The next time you find yourself needing food at hours usually reserved for sleep, or stealing street signs with your name on them, or whatever weird things you do with your personal time, here’s where to eat.

the late-night spots

Kerbey Lane Café

2606 Guadalupe St

A classic Austin diner experience. They make some of the best pancakes in town and their queso ain’t bad either. Translation: you need both. Note, not all locations are open 24 hours - if you need your 3am pancake fix, head for South Lamar or Guadalupe.

Photo: Kerbey Lane Cafe

With two locations adjacent to downtown, this is your base camp for recovery after hitting the bars hard. The MagMud queso is one of the best things you can eat in Austin. Also, Obama personally endorsed their pancakes, which can come in a short stack form for 3 bucks extra when you order any omelette on the menu.


A classed-up Waffle House. It’s more expensive than it should be, and feels a little too fancy for its own good. The chicken and waffles are the best in town and this place’s saving grace.

Pueblo Viejo

East Austin
1001 East 6th St

A forgotten trailer placed at the de-militarized zone between Dirty Sixth and East 6th. They make some of the best breakfast tacos in town and are available quite late.

Photo: Tracy Hunter/Flickr

Mrs. Johnson's Bakery

4909 Airport Blvd

A 24-hour operating drive-thru donut shop on Airport Blvd. Their famous glazed donuts cost sixty cents a pop which is a good thing when skulking around Austin in a less than sober haze.

Photo: Mrs. Johnson's Bakery/Facebook

These sick humans dreamt up an insanely delicious template of a sweet and savory funnel cakes as a vessel to build a meal experience around. They serve towers of beer and have a fantastic bar in case you feel like destroying your waistline with reckless abandon.

Frank Restaurant

407 Colorado St

One of the few late-night options downtown, this hot dog spot cooks up some amazing artery-clogging creations. You can crank the volume up by “porking” any of their offered hot dogs, meaning they will wrap your hot dog in bacon and toss it into the deep frier.

Photo: Emma Danielsson/Flickr
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